Sewing room: Before and after

“My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry ’til a more convenient season.” Mary Todd Lincoln

Yes dear readers, I have been procrastinating a bit this week. I’ve not had a go on my sewing machine since I came back from holiday, except to run up a quick ruff for my niece’s Elizabethan project.

But there’s been a perfectly good reason! This was the state of my sewing room a week ago:


What. A. Bloody. Mess. I am ashamed of myself. The wires! The fabric stash! Ugh. Check out that cabinet. What a beast. Let’s take a look inside it.

Inside cabinet

Now you may not believe it, but when I bought this cabinet on eBay for £100 I was dead chuffed with myself for coming up with such a clever solution to tidy away everything out of sight. Hah! What a fool am I! I got the idea from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross, one of my first sewing books. But wait – this is HER version of it.

Mine never quite… lived up to this. It also blocked out a lot of light from the wee side return window and restricted my ‘sewing elbows’. It was time to get rid. Off it went to a lovely gentleman called Adam on Freecycle, and off I went to Ikea to purchase more suitable pieces. And now…da da da daaaaaaah – here is my new and improved sewing room!


Feel the zen. Feel the potential. Ahh I love this so much. I spent an hour in here yesterday just pootling about and looking at things. Here – let me take you on a wee tour. Do you have the time?

Expedit bookcase

The stash has been tamed – you can see I’ve got some there in the top bit and further down behind the threads but the rest is in the wicker baskets. Second shelf down to the left is the haberdashery, replete with gadgets and gizmos I bought on a whim and don’t know how to use yet.

Books and patterns

Here’s my little library of sewing books. Yes that is Sewing for Dummies! You can probably just make out a tiny yellow book beside the patterns – Yeah, I made it myself! by Eithne Farry. I blame her for starting me off on this path. TBH I wouldn’t be seen dead in some of the things I made from that book but it was an excellent resource for someone who was frightened but fascinated by sewing. And of course – there is the new bible of sewing clothes – the Colette Sewing Handbook. To the right I have my modern and vintage patterns. Renfrew – I yearn for you. But you’ll just have to wait damn it.

Let’s move to the desk!

Sewing desk

Ahh how tidy it is. (That won’t last long.) The radio is tuned to BBC Radio 4 at the moment, if you were wondering. I can’t get BBC6 music as it’s not digital. I like to imagine I will improve myself as I sew but I’ll bet I turn it over to Radio 2 the first chance I get.

Pattern cutting and marking tools

The drawer directly underneath the machine houses my pattern cutting and marking tools.

Sewing machine tools

And the drawer to the right has all my little sewing feet, needles and tools, plus a combusted package of hooks and eyes (damn those evil things – I know Jane will agree with me there).


Here’s my (rather uninspiring pinboard). This needs to be a lot more colourful than it is at the moment – any suggestions on how to brighten it up?

One last thing: I popped my head round the door this evening to have another little look and sigh, and I spotted a little gift had been left on my desk:

Awh – from the husband! What a sweetie. He popped over to the garden centre today to get it. He gets mucho brownie points for this one.

Well that’s it – hoped you liked the wee tour. I can promise you I will no longer be procrastinating and will THROW myself into the Minoru tomorrow.