Help! Your expert advice is required

Yikes. I fear I may have hit an impasse with the winter coat, and I’m only at the muslin stage! Oh dear. Let’s take a look.

Ok. Dodgy collar aside it’s quite clear that this coat is too long (even if we factor in a 2 inch hem) and the sleeves are too short. This can be fixed, yes? But check this out…

What the feck? Why is this non-maternity coat able to wrap itself around an eight-month bump without so much as a pardon me??? Does this mean it’s going to make me look totes preggers even when I’m not? And does that collar now start to look a little big for my head in that picture?

So here’s the back view. Not so bad eh? But again that collar is freaking me out a bit.

Front view – hmm, not so nice. But I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. This is why I still sometimes consider myself something of a beginner stitcher my friends. Cos these kinds of fitting issues are beyond me.

But this length is much better isn’t it?

OK so I’m just not sure about this pattern anymore. I loved the artwork on the envelope and thought it was super chic, but I’m so worried it’s actually going to be really frumpy and I’ll have wasted three metres of the most divine (and expensive) wool, not to mention loads of time. Because of the raglan sleeves and the voluminous shape I have no idea where to start with making it fit better. And should I even be trying to fit a coat to a body that’s eight months pregnant? Is that madness? Help!

And one final question – does the coat remind you of anyone?

Well at least it’s Hallowe’en appropriate I suppose…