Move over Darling: An underwhelming muslin

Ooh doncha hate it when something you had high hopes for doesn’t quite match up to expectations?  I’ve almost finished my Darling Ranges wearable muslin and (shock! gasp!) I’ve decided not to finish it off. I’ve just got the sleeves to do but nope, it ain’t happening? Why?

Darling muslin with belt

Because contrary to how this charming dress looks on the mannequin, it makes me look like a sack of spuds. This isn’t false modesty either peeps, it really does. A few tweaks during construction to even out some flaws in the pattern measurement (see Roobeedoo for a breakdown) meant that a shortish bodice went even shorter than anticipated. The bodice stops at what must be the single most unflattering part of my ribcage – effectively widening my overall silhouette by, ooh, about a metre or so and enveloping the lower half of my body in what can only be described as the upper half of a deflated blimp.

Darling muslin no belt

The fabric I used was cheap and cheerful from Walthamstow market (well it is a muslin). Unfortunately it’s so cheap and cheerful that most of my buttonholes are miniature greek tragedies and I’d probably go up like a chinese lantern if someone held an open flame near me. Not a dress for BBQs then…

Darling muslin

So I’m ho-humming about where to go next with this dress. On the one hand, I can jump straight into making the necessary tweaks to the pattern, lengthening the bodice by an inch or so, maybe cut a size bigger in the bust area, use my wonderful new fabric donated by Our Patterned Hand… I think I’d definitely make a calico muslin this time though, rather than waste more fabric!

Darling muslin from the side

Or I might take a  break, do something else and come back to this dress refreshed and ready to tackle its challenges.