Mad Men dress challenge: It’s done!

Mad Men 1

It’s done! It’s out there! Here it is!

Um… can you tell I’m super-excited about this dress?

As soon as Julia Bobbin laid down her stylish gauntlet for the Mad Men challenge, I jumped in with both feet. ‘I was so excited I almost peed my pants!’ (Can you guess the film quote?)

After thinking long and hard, I simply had to follow Julia’s lead and take the Joanie challenge. This is the dress I chose:

Joan Holloway - blue

Now I know what you’re gonna say – hmm Joanne the trim is a bit different and it’s not exactly the same shape and I’m pretty sure that’s not wool crepe in the Joanie pic and… LISTEN. It’s an inspirational starting point right? And, um, I forgot to check the original pic when I was putting on the trim and by the time I realised I should have had the ribbon going DOWN instead of ACROSS the dress it was too late and anyway I love my little dress so shush. Let’s not speak of it again. Just like that time with the chihuahua and the lit candle ok? Our little secret.

So, onto more pics.

Mad Men 2

I used Simplicity 5961 for the challenge. What a lovely easy pattern it was to sew! Honestly, once I had the bits all cut out it was a cinch to put them all together. In terms of adjustments I reduced the shoulder width by 3/4″ each side and reduced the bodice width by about 1/4″ to the waist area.I had bought ribbon for the trim but bias binding worked much better on the curves. I liked it so much – I stuck it on the sleeves as well!

Mad Men 7

Hmm where is that naughty Scrappy doo? And has anyone seen Scooby?

The whole thing is underlined with royal blue polyester satin – it really feels like a properly-made dress. My first lined dress – hooray!

Mad Men 6

Channelling Bowie in that pic. TBH this dress kinda reminds me of my school uniform. But this is a GOOD THING because actually I really loved my school and have many fond memories of time there. So this dress is going to be called: The Rathmore in honour of my former alma mater.

How about you? Have you done your Mad Men dress already or are you frantically sewing away to get it finished in time for Julia’s big post? Don’t forget to check out Julia’s blog on 1st April for the big reveal of all the dresses!