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You can contact me here: stitchandwitter@gmail.com

Ack. This is strange! I’m a web editor by day and I’m an enthusiastic beginner sewist (stitcher? sewer?) by night. I’ve just recently got back into sewing again after getting inspired by all the amazing sewing blogs out there like Tilly and the Buttons, Elegant Musings, A Fashionable Stitch… I could go on but I’ll just link to them all anyway once I work out how to use WordPress.

My mum bought me my first sewing machine about 10 years ago. I think it cost about Β£50 from Lidl at the time, but it lasted right up to this year. Then she bought me my second sewing machine for my birthday (I moved up in the world to John Lewis and my very own Singer, which I love love love) – thanks Mum.

Note – 10 years still makes me a beginner because I’ve had a long time out from sewing… and I’ve not actually got any better… well maybe a bit. I’ve learned a few techniques like piping, bias binding and some rudimentary quilting (I can make a mean envelope cushion you know). But I have yet to put a buttonhole in (I’m frightened) and my zips are pretty rubbish (I’m clumsy). So pull-over-the-head tops and dresses have been the peak of my sewing prowess so far.

So what’s the point of this blog? Pfft that’s tricky. I definitely want to get better at sewing and I think that keeping a blog will:

a) not let me get any worse (is that possible?)

b) keep me focussed and determined to make time for sewing

c) give me an opportunity to introduce Keef ‘n’ Gracie.

Who are Keef ‘n’ Gracie? They’re my cats. Brother and sister, named after Keith Richards and Gracie Fields*. They’re hot. I’ll introduce you to them soon. They’re not big fans of sewing as it means they get shoved off the kitchen table. They just love to saunter over patterns you know. I’m surprised I’ve not accidentally snipped a paw off yet.

*Not really Gracie Fields – I just liked the name and I haven’t got any kids yet.

I sometimes worry that I’m dropping neatly into a cliche – crafty, has cats, like retro stuff… doof – I don’t care – it’s all true!

Oh yeh – my name is Joanne and that picture is of me on my wedding day earlier this year. Readers, I’m still married to him.

12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Joanne this is brilliant almost makes me want to go out and start sewing lol not but still very amusing and funny for the unsewables like moi xx

  2. Hi Joanne Roseleen here,Des’s mum.He sent me you blog,very good I liked your chairs and seat pads.I hope you keep it up and look forward to getting some tips all the best Roseleen xxxx.

    • Awh Rosaleen thanks very much! Um I think you’ll be the one leaving tips though hehehe! Thanks very much for checking it out though – see Des does listen to me sometimes!

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  4. Good Morning Joanne,

    It’s probably not the best place to share this, but I couldn’t find any email address to contact you. I am French (sorry for my outrageous english), sewing, and browsing the web looking for new sewing blogs to read, I’ve found yours. And the thing is, we look very similar ! I’ve shown your picture to my husband and my daughter (she is 5), and everyone say we could be twins ! I don’t have any blog or website, but if you give me an email address, I can send you a picture. Hope you won’t find this message weird πŸ™‚

    All the best,


  5. Joanne – I love your blog! I bought my first sewing machine last year and just started my own blog (not just about sewing but mostly)! now i regret not having made a lot of picture of the “stuff i’ve made” during the last 2 years..ahww. So happy I found your blog on bloglovin πŸ™‚

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