Um it’s another Coco… but it’s got polka dots on it!

Yeeees so I seem to only be making Cocos at the moment but shizzly can you blame me? It’s amazeballs!

Coco Polka

So after my Bedtime Coco and my Animal Print Coco I decided that whilst terribly comfy they weren’t giving me the more fitted look that I’ve been admiring on other Cocos around the blogosphere. So I decided on a whim to come two whole sizes down on the pattern and take about an inch from the length. Yikes. Bit of a spur of the moment decision there and I also just chopped straight into my pattern pieces. Oops. Oh well. I think the overall effect is definitely better from the front.

Coco Polka

However this rather fabulous knit from Walthamstow Market (where else?) is extremely stable and doesn’t have a lot of give, which effectively means that my boobs feel like I’ve strapped them down a bit. And I have a bit of tightness across the back of the dress – you can see it here.

Coco Polka back view
























So whilst it doesn’t bother me with this dress I’d much rather perfect the fit so I can go on making Cocos, and I will DIE if I can’t make more, ya know what I’m sayin’? Literally DIE.

So I’ve fiddled with my pattern and with the help of printer paper and sellotape I’ve effectively added a half inch to the underarm and bust area, smoothing out the line to just above the waist. I’ve also added the same amount to the sleeve sides. I hope I’ve gone the right way about it – we shall see with my next Coco I guess!

Oh and here is a new addition which I haven’t done before – the cuff. Very easy to do I have to say – and such a lovely detail with a knit dress.

Coco Polka cuff

That’s my latest installment for you. Have you ever had a pattern you just keep making? I think the last pattern I got so into was the Colette Violet which I made four times, including one for my mum.

21 thoughts on “Um it’s another Coco… but it’s got polka dots on it!

  1. Joanne, it’s another great make. Though I am not a fit expert, I have similar issues as you at the back. You could try with a sway back adjustment or darts may fix that (I usually need the darts rather than swayback). Though I normally make different patterns all the time I think your approach is much better as in the end you achieve better fit.

    • I did wonder about that small pool of fabric at the back. Hmmm I might look up sway back adjustments. Wonder if you could just pinch it out of the pattern piece…

  2. Oh my God, Joanne, this is great. I totally get the Coco addiction. Just finished my first one and I can’t wait to make a ton more. I only have the side seams basted so far, but I love it so much that I had to wear it to work immediately, and just pray it doesn’t fall apart. πŸ™‚ As for other multiple makes, I’m up to four pairs of Colette Clovers and at least four Macarons.
    Great work. Can’t wait to see more of your Cocos!

  3. Spooky! I just logged on to look at my Coco instructions for the cuffs and there you were showing your ones off. In my experiments with jersey, as I like to call my dressmaking efforts, I have found that there are so many different knits out there it seems to depend on what you choose as to how it fits you. The one I’m using at the moment is a dream – double knit, stable and not that much stretch – but I was able to have a feel of it as I bought it ‘in real life’ and not online. I wasn’t that confident with the size so I basted it together with the ordinary machine first so I could check the size before I put it through the overlocker as once that blade has connected with the seams, there’s no going back. I have tried it on and it is too long – erring on the side of caution again – but I won’t be going quite as short as you as I’m not as young as you and tongues would wag.
    I will be making more of this pattern but I am also a fan of the Lady Skater dress (more jersey!) and, today, I belatedly discovered the Colette Sorbetto blouse which is a free download and made it up in a Liberty tana lawn and, even though I added little sleeves, as nobody wants to see my underarms any more, it was quick and easy and is a really sweet little summer top as well as being a great stashbuster – you could probably squeeze one out of a metre.
    I was going to do a blog post on them both but I appear to have done one here – sorry about that!

  4. I’m ordered my Coco and am looking forward making it up soon – I really must pay a visit to Walthamstow market – I’ve not been there for years, although it’s the place of my birth -(Thorpe Coombe Maternity Hospital, not the market thankfully)
    Love the bedtime Coco in the previous post too.

  5. Loving your new Coco! I’m in the middle of Coco number two, I’ve just finished Sassy Librarian blouse number three, and I’m going to start Deer and Doe Airelle number three. I love a TNT pattern!

  6. That’s awesome!! My ultimate goal is to have a good handful of TNT patterns – it’s harder to get there than one might imagine, isn’t it? Plus the more you make something the more fiddly you get about the fitting LOL. I think you’ve found a definite winner here – this really suits you πŸ™‚ My only multiple-make so far is the Colette Laurel – and I definitely plan on making more! πŸ™‚

  7. I know I am very late to the game, but, I am a beginning sewer. I just bought the Coco! pattern and fabric and can’t wait to try it. (And yes, I include an exclamation mark whenever I say Coco!) I want them in many colors and lengths. Thank you for your post. Not sure if you tested your pattern changes, I would love to see!

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