Bedtime Coco anyone?

Well I think we all know by now that I love Coco. I so enjoyed twirling about in my first animal print version – it was simply so comfortable – I thought ‘why leave Coco for daytime? Why not bring the little madam to bed too?’ And so I give you… Bedtime Coco.

Bedtime Coco

Shh. Don’t tell anyone – but Bedtime Coco is a bit of a slut. She didn’t care that I was so excited to get started I didn’t prewash my fabric. Or that I didn’t smooth it out properly before laying and cutting. She just lay back and said whatever. She didn’t mind when I double folded the fabric to squeeze her out of just under two metres. She barely murmured when I couldn’t be bothered pinning and just weighed her down with a biscuit tin and a candle. IT WAS ALL OVER IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS.

Bedtime Coco
























The fabric is a warm soft, practically fleecy knit from Walthamstow Market – I think it was just under Β£5 a metre which actually made it the most expensive fabric I bought that day. It’s perfect for snuggling up in .

Bedtime Coco
























I think I’m in love with Bedtime Coco. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing each other again soon. In fact, I’ve just hooked up with her polka dot sister – more on that another time.

Bedtime Coco


29 thoughts on “Bedtime Coco anyone?

  1. Now, let’s be honest here. You couldn’t resist that fabric but, once you’d made it up into a Coco, your nearest and dearest said,something like “We’re not going out with you covered in sheep as you are over the age of 6” so you decided to wear it for bed instead. Otherwise, why did you put pockets in it? πŸ™‚ Seriously though – this is a great idea and there are loads of cute jerseys in slightly ‘nightie’ type designs which could be put to good use for indoors. It’s so quick to make that I can see nightime versions flying off my overlooker for all the female members of the family. Thanks for the idea.

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  4. OMG you are too cute, and that last pic is so precious!! LOL I had to giggle – if the way you describe how you treated your fabric means your fabric is a bit of a slut, then i guess I’m running a bordello over at my place – HAHA!

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