Ripple me this

No, there’s been no sewing going on in these parts. And precious little knitting too. It’s all about crochet my dears!

Ripple blanket

I’ve revisited my first woolly hooky love in recent days by starting a lovely ripple blanket using up scraps of wool left over from this project and these projects and whatever else I can find. It’s for general purposes (in other words – it’s MINE, gerroff baby, gerroff husband and gerroff cats). It’s the width of a double bed so it’ll take a while…

It’s so relaxing sitting of an evening with this on my lap, hooking away. Terribly easy but terribly yarn-hungry. Oof – it gobbles up £5 balls of wool quicker than you can say ‘another Hob Nob dearie?’

To those who were wondering if I ever finished the Baby Sophisticate cardigan – yes I did and it’s been worn countless times now. Wish I had a pic of it in action but this will have to do.

Baby Sophisticate

It was fairly straightforward. Used vintage buttons I think I picked up in a second hand shop in Norwich – I love that metrosexual shot of pink in a boy’s cardigan (let’s ignore that they’re a bit leany to the left – dunno what happened there but it’s not obvious when on!). My boy can rock colour you know. He’s got yellow trousers and everything. He gets it from his dad who wore pink shoes on our first date. Make of that what you will.

In sewing news… eurgh. I just can’t get round the lack of time and space thing. I’m trying, really.. I’m often to be found sadly pawing through my patterns and fabrics but I don’t take it further. It’s just getting over that hurdle… any tips on making a return to the needle? I’m just about to watch the Great British Sewing Bee on iPlayer so maybe that will galvanise me into action! I tell you what else has got me excited – Tilly’s brand new pattern! Check out Coco – she’s a proper little madam.

9 thoughts on “Ripple me this

  1. Love those colours in your crochet blanket but, as a crochetphobe, I can’t really believe it’s terribly easy. Good job with the little man’s cardigan – if you can’t rock pink vintage buttons at his age, when can you?

    To get back into sewing, why don’t you make something you have already made, something you enjoyed making, something that was an easy make? I did that with knitting and now there’s no stopping me – I’ve even turned a heel for the first time in my (long) life.

    Pink shoes eh?

    • That’s a good tip. Do something I enjoyed… In fact the Anna dress is one I liked making and would like to make again with longer sleeves etc. But perhaps something like the ginger skirt would be quick easy and enjoyable! On 19 Feb 2014 14:38, “Stitch and Witter” wrote:


  2. I have to say I’m impressed by you undetaking such a large blanket – I can’t even manage to knit a baby blanket!!
    You know, I think it’s hard to get into the swing of sewing with little people under your feet. I’ve found that the pattern alteration & cutting out stage is the one I get stuck with. I try to do it in the evenings or in the rare moment when everyone else is out. The sewing I find I can then just do in short bursts . I do keep EVERYTHING well out of reach of interested little fingers and unplug my machines when I leave them. Amazing how fascinating those presser pedals are!! It is hard to try and carve out time for yourself but I have found it helpful to adjust my expectations – 5-10 minutes here or there might be all I get 😀 Good luck 🙂

    • Yes that’s exactly it! It’s the cutting and alteration stage I just can’t bring myself to do! All that paper, all that time in front of the mirror… Ack!

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  3. What a cute cardigan & lovely colours? I dress my wee boy in lots of bright colours too, including pink! I’m with you on the finding time to sew problem & have been thinking I’ll need to start with something I know fits me with no need for alterations, or tracing.

  4. Ooh I love a bit of rippling! I’m right into crochet at the minute, it works up quickly and is easy to memorise patterns, so enjoyable. I agree that if you’re thinking about sewing, making something you’ve made successfully before is a good start. I’ve made 3 (still unblogged) things this year, all of which I’d made before. I don’t get much time to sew these days either but when I do I really enjoy it more than ever and actually just enjoy the process so much because I get so little time to do it.

  5. Love your crochet work, and that baby cardi is super adorbs!! 🙂 Sewing blues eh? – ugh I can relate, having been there – I think you just gotta let the funk work itself out and try to keep connected to doing creative things (which you are). Eventually it’ll sort itself out when it’s time 🙂 Best to wait until you’re inspired, as I’ve found if you try to force it when you’re not, it just feels like a chore, and that’s no fun 🙂

  6. Hi! Do you have a pattern for your gorgeous blanket? I would love to try it! I cannot crochet difficult things. This looks approachable! 🙂

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