A suitable cardigan?

So I think I’ve found my next project, knitting wise. Isn’t this adorable?


It’s another Andi Satterlund pattern which suits me just fine as I so enjoyed making the Miette. Andi writes of her new design, “After binge watching Island at War followed by a bunch of Joan Hickson Miss Marple episodes, I decided that I needed a long, cozy, casual, retro sweater. Big pockets and a collar were mandatory, and what I came up with, Armande, is a delightful 40s- and 50s-inspired mishmash of a cardigan.”

And just like the Miette, it’s free! I’m thinking a rich red or a moss green. Though I love this mustard too. I’ll get to it after I finish knitting up a baby cardigan for number one son. It’s the Baby Sophisticate Cardigan by Linden Down. Here’s what it should look like (if I do it right).

Baby Sophisticate Cardigan Linden Down

Cute, huh? What’s on your needles? Or your sewing table for that matter!

Oh and can I just give a shout out to Jennifer who won the giveaway for the Georgia dress a couple of weeks ago. Jennifer – get in touch!

10 thoughts on “A suitable cardigan?

  1. I am about to embark on Andi Satterlund’s ‘Marion’ cardigan in a deep red colour. I did buy that one and then got the heads up from your blog about the ‘Miette’ and the ‘Amande’ being free downloads so they have gone in the queue. I’ve already ordered a mustard colour yarn for the ‘Miette’ and am encouraged by everybody saying how much they enjoyed knitting it.
    Love that little boy’s cardigan – I’m sure you’ll do a great job with it.

  2. Ooh I didn’t realise Armande is free too! Good choice, look forward to seeing it. I still haven’t finished my Miette yet… The little baby cardi looks really cute. What colour are you doing it in?

  3. This cardigan is so cute– I hope you make it! I love the cabled button band! I am on the fence about making this as I generally prefer pretty slouchy sweaters, but it’s so cute I am give it a try anyway! Can’t wait to see yours!

  4. I love the collar on the Armande. It looks like a great throw-over-everything cardigan. I’m knitting a forties colorwork jumper at the moment for ByGumByGolly’s Knit for Victory…. the Armande would be a great project for the KAL!!!

  5. Armande looks like a great cardigan for keeping warm & being stylish all at once – nice choice! 😀 I’m still working on Miette and Sedum simultaneously, although they’ve been on the back burner as I’ve been trying to finish up Christmas gifts. Love the little sweater for the little guy – knit kids clothes are so darned cute 🙂

  6. So how is your baby cardigan coming along? I got the book Knitting by Design for Christmas so ordered yarn on Christmas day (what did we do before online shopping!) and cast on as soon at it was delivered.

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