Completed: A winter Miette


Knitting. Incredibly calming, hypnotic and fulfilling. Simply check out Karen’s post and the wonderful comments on the pleasures of knitting for more lovely thoughts on its benefits.

Knitting. Scary, frustrating, a lot of WTF and ‘awh jaysus I’ve done this bit wrong but I don’t know what I did wrong and now I’ve got to rip out hours of work and start again waaaah’.

Welcome to my first ever knitted garment! It’s the Miette by Andi Satterlund, a free pattern no less. As a new knitter (let’s disregard the knitted ‘ribbons’ I used to make and wear in my hair until EB from primary school scoffed at me one day while we were sitting up a tree. I was GUTTED I tell you) I had plenty of both reactions to this project. I’ve already described having to rip back about 40 or so rows which was pretty annoying but not heartbreaking but from there on in it was pretty much plain sailing.


There are mistakes I know. I think using a K2, P2 ribbing technique for the neckline instead of the recommended ktbl2, ptbl2 let it down a bit but I found the latter completely impossible to do. The neckline also seems a little wide to me but maybe just because I’m not used to this deep neckline in a cardigan. I like my knits up round my lugs if ya know what I’m saying. There’s a slight bagginess at the front where the sleeves meet the chest but hey, there’s room to flail.

The wool also isn’t great. I think it was some cut price shit from Hobbycraft or something. I’ve still got two huuuuge balls of it left. It’s really thick and itchy so I’m wearing a thermal vest under it. Yes. A thermal vest. What? Don’t you? You’re missing out mate. Because the yarn is so fluffy I think you also lose some definition on the lace work around the edges. But this is all ok. BECAUSE I KNITTED THIS! Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I can do all the buttons up, but I prefer it half open for some reason.


Half of me wants to do another Miette straight away in a less fluffy bright coloured yarn. The other half wants to try another style of cardigan. I’m thinking sweet and preppy, ideally with a higher neckline and suitable for a beginner. Is that a tall order? If you have any recommendations do shout!

38 thoughts on “Completed: A winter Miette

  1. Yay it looks great! Can’t believe you’ve finished already, I’m still on row 80!
    (Need to get a wriggle on) Andi Satterlund has loads of other really nice cardis you could try…

  2. I’m still waiting to take the plunge on my first knitted garment. I keep looking a the miette and the francis revisited sweater on ravelry. I’ve also signed up for the seamless artemisia sweater on craftsy but have been to intimidated to start. Every time i think about gauge swatches my heart sinks. 😦

    But well done you. You did a fantastic job. The fit looks great to me, and that shade of blue looks amazing on you. I look forward to seeing your next knitted make. 🙂

  3. Fantastic! Yay you! It looks fantabulous. I must say I also like to wear my cardigans open at the bottom. Why is that?? I’m not sure either 🙂 Ravelry will give you all sorts of ideas for your next project, you can even search the patterns by difficulty level, which is always useful. Or just go right ahead and knit another Miette!

  4. This looks great – I’ve just bought the pattern and wool for one of her other cardis – the Marion – but I really like this one too. You’re obviously a natural – most people start with a scarf!

  5. That is a Magnificent Miette! You know, if you hadn’t spoken about any issues there would be none to spot. You got the length better than mine – mine’s a bit on the short side. I think the neckline just is like that. Sewaholic always seems to choose good knitting projects, if you’re looking for further inspiration.

  6. You’ve already got a bunch of skills from making this so I wouldn’t say you’re a beginner any longer! What about Audrey in Unst? You can leave out the lace pattern and just knit in stocking stitch if you want something plain. Or how about Deco (or any other of Kate Davies’ designs)?

  7. fantastic knitting Joanne! something I cannot do, although the last time I tried I was probably 10! I too am wearing a long sleeved thermal vest. I am fed up with hiding some of my nice tops under a layer of cardi/jumper.

  8. That’s brilliant! Lovely cardigan Joanne! Never mind the little mistakes. No one can tell!
    I’m currently knitting my first ever sweater (but it takes. so. long. ), and have been ogling this pattern as well…. so many lovely patterns, so little time!! 😦

  9. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS THE FIRST THING YOU’VE EVER KNITTED. Damn, girl! Talk about skills! I really need to get on with learning to knit garments and this is very inspiring indeed. Maybe I can make it a new year’s resolution, eh? In any case, it’s good to see your lovely face on the internets again xxx

    • Cheers Roisin! Crocheting for a while has definitely helped with general confidence and just figuring out how stitches are made I think. I can see you making an adorable little collar or hand warmer for all your pretty dresses xxx

  10. Wow, you look amazing! My Miette has been lying unloved in a cupboard waiting for me to get round to knitting the neck ribbing. You’ve given me the motivation to finish it off – I just hope it looks as good as yours!

  11. GAH!!! I’m so impressed!! This is the first thing you’ve ever knitted?!?! You are one fearless broad! I love it! It looks great to me! And.. like you said, YOU EFFING KNITTED THIS! I’m determined to learn to knit this winter, and a big part of me wants to jump into the deep end with you, but I decided to slow myself down and start with a hat. I mean… at least it’s not a pot holder…

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  13. Bravo – you finished it!! It looks great; the colour is especially pretty 🙂 You totally beat me too – ha! I must hang my head and go finish my Miette in the corner now LOL.

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