A Christmas giveaway

Dear friends, there has been little sewing round these parts lately. I can blame most of my inactivity on this:

Miette in progress

Yes the Miette cardigan is almost there and the chocolates are almost gone. It’s pretty much the first thing I’ve knitted since school so it’s slooow going but we’re gradually getting there. I’ve had to rip it back once already (from row 45 so whilst a little soul destroying it didn’t out-and-out kill me) because as a totally novice knitter I don’t actuallyΒ know how to fix my mistakes. Isn’t this the worst? To say the least? Even more, I don’t actually know what sort of mistakes I could make, never mind how to fix them. I don’t really know what a dropped stitch looks like, or whether I’m knitting a particularly fiddly stitch the right way. If it wasn’t for Youtube I’d have given up weeks ago. Isn’t YouTube amazing? I’ve also been following the knitalong that Today’s Agenda staged back in 2012. It’s ace although not necessarily aimed at a total beginner so there are a few gaps that Youtube fills for me – like picking up stitches for the sleeves.

I’ve started with the 34 bust size and not made any adjustments – like how would I even begin to do that? – except that when it came to the ribbing at the bottom I gave up on the ktbl2, ptbl2 malarkey after three failed attempts and resorted to a simple k2, p2 affair. My stitches were getting so twisted and hard to knit I must have been doing something wrong but I didn’t know what. I’ll do the same for the ribbing at the bottom of the sleeves too.

Anyway – yakking on and on about knitting JoJo, where’s the goddamn giveaway I hear you say!

So a while back I got an email from the scrumptious By Hand London gals asking if I’d like a copy of their gorgeous new pattern – the Georgia Dress. Featuring fitted cups, a panelled skirt and some knockout strap variations, the hemline can be raised or lowered depending on your particular fetish.

Georgia Dress

Isn’t it darling? So sexy and glamorous. In fact, too sexy and glamorous for me. This dress would be made up, twirled about in and loved for an hour and then it would languish in the back of my wardrobe feeling unloved for ever. I have nowhere to wear it! I have nothing to go to! This isn’t self-pity – this is my practical side coming out. Hear my brusque no-nonsense nannying tone? Wise up, Joanne – you ain’t never gonna wear this baby to the ball. So… because I’m a kind, loving sort, I told the By Hand London ladies just this very thing, but added that if they were kind enough to shake their diamante-encrusted wands and send the Georgia my way, I would become your very own fairy godmother and offer it up to you guys. And because Elisalex and the gang are the nicest ladies in the sewing business, no I’m not one bit biased that is FACT, here it is! Cinderellas – you SHALL go to the ball (cue some sparkly noises).

Georgia dress pattern

The giveaway is open to all and sundry across the globe and will close at midnight on the 30th of November GMT. Any entries after that time will turn into pumpkins. I will get it posted straight away so that you might even have time to knock it up for your Christmas party! All you have to do is comment here telling me what event you will wear this dress to. Make it special, exciting, daring, raunchy. Give me cheap vicarious thrills why doncha? Winner will be selected at random.

And we’ll all live happily ever after.


68 thoughts on “A Christmas giveaway

  1. Like you, I have started to be realistic about my wardrobe. I live in the French countryside and rarely have an opportunity to wear a ‘frock’. However, my daughter is at Uni in the U.K. and appears to have plenty of time to post photos of herself and friends on FB wearing frocks and expressions of great jollity and usually holding a glass. Aaah, those were the days. Anyway, this dress would be right up her street and I would make it for her to wear for the end of term ball. Thank you for the opportunity (love the cardi by the way).

  2. I will not skip the chance to have this lovely dress pattern. I would wear it at New Year’s Eve party or for a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant. 😍

  3. Oooooh! I love this dress! With 3 young kids I don’t have many chances to wear it out. Though We do have a big family celebration soon and I have been stumped what to wear, this would be perfect, then I would just wear it hoovering!

  4. I love By Hand London and this is another really pretty pattern!
    I’d wear it to the winter party at my work placeβ€”or at least I’d try really, really hard to finish it on time for that!
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  5. I love this pattern! I’d make a slinky black one like in the photo and wear it to the ball my lovely godmother throws for the winter solstice. Yup, she really calls it a “ball”, with dancing and tuxes and everything!

  6. ooo looks gorgeous – i haven’t had a chance to try a By Hand pattern yet either.
    Got a v exciting work christmas do coming up – on the HMS Warrior! That would have to be my occasion!

  7. Now if I made the Georgia dress up as soon as it arrived, it would be in the heart of a very cold, windy and just possibly snowy Chicago winter. That means the dress will be worn for a festive gathering of friends, at home. The evening would feature “the Georgia”, (with me in it), champagne & salmon as starters, pork loin and salad as the main dishes with burgundy, followed by a ridiculously wicked dessert and port…

  8. Definitely the School Run Dinner! Loads of parents from my kids school in a posh restaurant. Brilliant giveaway! You are so kind to your readers!

  9. Well, I’m about a zillion weeks pregnant, expecting to have a slightly early but ace christmas present, and would sew this lovely up for when my husband and I start going out again… which I’m hoping will be sooner than later!

  10. Of course I would wear the dress to the new year party… Oh, how I would be happy to win this pattern! Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. New Years Eve, but not just any shindig– I’d wear it to a party in New Orleans and shimmy around as Debauche (players of punk rock hooligan russian street songs) rocked out the old and made way for the new!

  12. A club I go to has balls twice a year where we all get really dressed up and raise money for charity. Last time I went in a dress I had made and there were people in full suits and top hats, my boyfriend went in drag, one guy was a flamingo and some of the ladies did an amateur burlesque performance. It’s kinda weird, but we raised over Β£300 for the Sophie Lancaster fund.

    If I won the dress I’d make it up in a rather plain fabric then paint it with UV fabric paints and puff paints. πŸ˜€

  13. If I had this pattern before Christmas, I’d wear it to my own party on 21st December to celebrate 1 year since my last cigarette! I have a lovely textured green fabric that would look great in this glamourous design.
    As a plan b if I didn’t have time before Christmas, I have a birthday with a zero on the end in January – this dress would definately make a fifty and fabulous statement!

  14. Like you the opportunities for me to wear such a slinky-minxy dress are slim but I do have a “Christmas jumpers and cocktails” party planned for the festive season so I would make this dress out of a gorgeous tartan fabric and wear with pride underneath some garish jumper feeling my inner minx shining through πŸ™‚

    Then maybe when the year gets warmer and I get braver I might take it out on a girls night out x

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! I woukd make this up to wear on my hot wedding anniversary – married for 6 years, together 11. We’ve got a little 2 year old girl so hot dates are happening a lot less these days! The Georgia dress would be perfect for a bit of romance time!!

  16. So pretty! I would wear it on New Years.. not that I have any plans yet – perhaps to a restaurant. Anything has got to be better than last years spent at home watching Titanic on tv and eating a failed attempt at creme brulee.

  17. Because I don’t really believe in saving things for best I would wear this fabulous dress to school drop off (on a day I’m driving I’m not sure I could bike in it) and it would make me feel rather happy and fabulous and I’m sure it would give other people something to smile about too. x

  18. I’ve been meaning to teach myself how to knit via Youtube this winter! So thank you for giving me a little push that, yes, it can be done!
    I think that Georgia dress is just so darn sexy!! I have an urge to make it up in something sparkly (perhaps thats just the holidays talking) and (unfortunately I don’t think this will qualify me for the cheap thrills category) I’ll probably wear it to one of my gallery openings, which is where I usually sport my fancier duds. Love those BHL gals!!

  19. OK, truthfully I am a bit like you. Young children will do it to ya everytime! But, I would be forced out if I made up this dress and I think that’s the kick in the behind I need!

  20. Me too… I never go anywhere exciting these days – but I have recently resolved not to let that stop me wearing my favourite clothes: old, new and still waiting to be sewn! So, like the lady who dreams of wearing it to do the school run – I’d wear mine to cook and eat a delicious meal at home, to pick flowers in the garden in summer, to sit sipping wine while reading a good book… why not?

  21. There’s a New Year’s Ball in my typically lame town. This would be awesome to wear to it after I buy the tickets as my boyfriend’s Christmas present, nothing he would love better, right?

  22. Fab frock-just divine! ….I would find some scarlet red satin make it up and auction it at my Charity Event to raise money to buy gifts for underprivileged children across Surrey(The Eagle Radio Christmas Toy Appeal). This dress would raise lots of dough! x

  23. Such a nice Roger rabbit type dress πŸ™‚ I started at a new workplace in September and would love to make this dress for our work Christmas dinner. People in Norway really tend to dress up for those kinds of events so I don’t think I would be too overdressed…and never mind, I love dressing up for the holidays so I wouldn’t care anyway πŸ˜‰

  24. I love this dress! I think I would make the version with the deep v neck and probably black – but maybe gold or something sparkly for a special occasion! I would wear it to Frocktails with sewing buddies in Melbourne πŸ™‚

  25. Love this dress! I would wear it really anywhere… date nights out, girls nights out, every party I’m invited to for the next forever… it may (definitely) be more fancy than anything anyone I know wears, but there’s no such thing as too fabulous in my opinion. Plus who doesn’t like being the best dressed at the party?

  26. I have a few evening dresses on rotation for the many dinner evenings I must attend for my husband’s job (I’d complain but I love getting dressed up, eating food and talking to people!). Friends keep encouraging me to make something for these do’s so if I were in possession of a suitable pattern then I’d have no excuses!

  27. Nothing too spectacular, but I would wear it to our yearly friends christmas party. Every year I try and wear something i really like, and well I’d like for this to be it.

  28. Ooh I’d love to win the Georgia pattern! It’s so puuuuurdy. I would make it and wear it to my 30th birthday party, which is in January. πŸ™‚ x

  29. I would love to think that I could wear this to my work Christmas Party, but I’m more likely to get it made up fro next Christmas

  30. Ooh I love this pattern.its exactly what I need to fill the gap in my wardrobe….a little black dress! If I win I’d hopefully get it made in time for New Year’s Eve.

  31. You know what? This dress went straight on my wish list the second I saw it… it’s fabulous, right??? I would love to make a couple versions, really… one in some copper Radiance silk cotton I have in my stash, for flashy purposes… and one in a soft black silk for being stylish anytime πŸ˜› I mean seriously, you could make it in a quilting cotton for summer, even, right? πŸ™‚

    I FINALLY finished my Anna just in time to wear for mine and my hunnie’s Christmas parties (his is this weekend and mine is next… very very early this year!!) so I could maybe get the Georgia ready for New Years πŸ™‚ If not, I would make it up just so I would have an excuse to get the man to take me out on a hot date haha.

    I’m kinda glad to hear you’re slow on your Miette cause I kind of felt guilty that mine’s been on the back burner too haha… although yours seems much further along than mine. I had to rip back several rows of mine too; and then I lost my stitch markers so I think my raglan increases are misaligned LOL. Whateves… there’s something so much less stressful about boning up in knitting, whereas when I do it in sewing, it seems like so much more of a big deal. Measuring your progress in chocolate… great idea!!!!n:)

  32. I have been lusting after this pattern since it was announced and so appreciate the opportunity to enter this giveaway. I would wear this dress for our Vegas anniversary celebration. And I would make a holiday version for my daughter-in-law who tirelessly organizes her company party every year.

  33. Well… this is my first holiday season with my fella. We are going to be in different cities over Christmas but both get back in to Montreal on 31 Dec, just in time for New Year’s! So I would wear it for that πŸ˜‰

    Plus the whole point of learning to sew was so I could wear a fitted frock like this that fits top AND bottom (no more baggy top half!)

  34. Beautiful dress! I’ve just been invited to a colleague’s 50th birthday party in mid January. This dress would be perfect!

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