Finished: Anna dress, part 1…

Anna dress

Hooray – I finished a dress for the summer just as a storm hit the UK. Doh, never mind. It was always going to be a little stepping stone of a dress in any case. But tis finished and I am fairly happy with it.

This is the Anna dress from By Hand London – if you haven’t heard of them already then you must be living under at least three rocks. If you have, then you’ll know their patterns are the latest craze amongst us stitchers, and with good reason. They’ve got a unique and refreshing style with an urban twist which you can dial up or down as you wish.


This is a wearable muslin  – I wanted to test the fit before I plunged my rotary cutter into some glorious fabric from Liberty which I’ve earmarked for a final Anna. In the end there was some adjustment – the inevitable gaping back had to be dealt with and I used Ginger Makes’ great tutorial for this as well as By Hand London’s tip (during the Anna Sewalong) for placing the top of the zipper in a few more centimetres in than normal when inserting. I still find the back a bit gapey though so I’ve taken more width out of the back bodice for the next version. I’ve also taken some length out of the v neck as I think there’s a bit too much in this version, using a similar method of slashing and overlapping.


I’m really tempted to try the boat neck version next time, along with the three quarter length sleeves as well as a full lining. If that all goes to plan and looks good then the Liberty fabric is up next! Here’s a sneaky peek of the Tana Lawn I’ve got…

Liberty Tana Lawn

See the dancing hipsters with the beards? Awesome yes? Love this fabric. It’s called Tiny Dancer which makes me hum Private Dancer by Tina Turner to myself every single time I look at it. You can’t beat fabric that makes you sing, eh?

In my previous post I mentioned I’d done some really STUPID things during the construction of this dress. These included, in no particular order, sewing facings the wrong way round, sewing dress panels the wrong way round, melting some of the fabric with an iron and having to patch it up with one of those little iron on patches and allowing a cat with a shitty bum to sit on the fabric. Tell me, what stupid things have you done recently in sewing? Can you beat the shitty bum scenario?

Oh yah – and I cut off all my hair! Apologies for the poor hairdressing skillz above but it is really very nice when I bother to do it properly. And it’s so refreshing not having to wrestle with long locks every morning, not to mention having little yoghurty hands pulling on my plaits. So nice to have a change.

26 thoughts on “Finished: Anna dress, part 1…

  1. Ahahahaha, the shitty cat bum scenario had me in stitches! It’s a new one to me, but hilarious! Anyway, I love love love the new hair you’re rocking and your Anna dress is supremely flattering! So nice to see you back on such good form ;o)

  2. Great dress! I do love a spotty Anna and that Liberty fabric is amazing. I can’t quite beat the shitty cat bum on fabric, but I did have a particularly bad experience one Sunday morning a couple of years back when I was woken by my old cat dragging her shitty bum across my white duvet cover, leaving a delightful brown streak,

  3. LMAO I have two cats, so I’ve seen a lot in my life but “shitty bum scenario” beats ALLLL!!!

    I love your Anna, and your new ‘do – isn’t short hair the BOMB??? It’s so SASSY – you can get away with having such an attitude LOL ^__^

  4. Could you BE any cuter?! This dress is adorable and I love the new ‘do! I’m cat-free, so haven’t had any kitty bum scenarios, although I just had an early morning dog-puke wakeup– ugh!

    • First the eminent Card Mahony ought to stay home on his own accord.Oh, he’ll be there. The Cardinal intends to give us a :&0a22#;Historic8l news with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Am planning to be in Rome and vote for the next Pope. Will be tweeing [sic] daily.”

  5. Cute! Can’t wait to see your second version too. Is it weird that I find the bearded dancer kinda hot? Love the hair too – it really suits you like that. x

  6. Oh, I’ve got that same Liberty fabric sitting in the stash. Picked it up when I was in London this summer – it’s deliciously fun, isn’t it? Looking forward to your next Anna made from the Tiny Dancers!

  7. Ha!! Shitty kitty bum… Oooh that takes the cake!! But despite all that – the dress is a WINNER!! You look stunning with your new ‘do too! Can’t wait to see the Tiny Dancer version… I’m kinda dying over the itty bitty beards and the odd attention to random anatomy…

  8. Ummm, didn’t you have a baby Joanne? Because this isn’t the figure of a mum….

    Blue, spots… I’m all over this Anna dress. Not quite like your cat was, but in a hygienic and non space invading type of way. Like another commenter here I also own a pug. He once stole, ate and pooped out a beautifully sewn and pressed yoke that was meant to be part of a present for my niece. Got to love those pesky pets.

    Looking forward to the liberty lawn dancing beardy weirdos 🙂
    Elle x

  9. I know all about the shitty kitty bum – one of our cats is always having that problem….not nice! You dress is lovely and I cannot wait to see your version with the dancers – you always pick such great fabric!

  10. Cats are so cute but they can be so nasty. They LOVE to put their shitty bums on Ollie’s play mat. Jerks.

    This dress looks so beautiful on you. The blue really suits you too. Hope London gets freakishly warm weather soon so you can wear it again.

    Also, your hair looks so awesome! I’ve been contemplating chopping mine off as well. Super short. Once I find a hair dresser it’s a go!

    • Cats are jerks it’s true! They’re also prats. Thank you so much – can recommend the chop. Hope all is well for you all the way over there across the pond. We miss you on these shores xxx

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