Stop the friggin press!

You guys. This is so exciting! I’ve only gone and been featured in this month’s Making magazine. Go and buy it to see me. Or skulk in the newsagent, ease off the wrapper quietly and snigger at me on page 74 for nowt. Or check out this pic…

Making Magazine

I did know that at some point I might be featured as they got in touch a while back for images but seeing it now in print makes me so darn happy. Silly isn’t it? But yay!

After all my complaining about ‘not getting enough time to, like, create and stuff yah’ it’s actually been a hive of activity around these parts in the last month. See that zig zag woolly item behind the mag in the pic above? That’s a top secret item I’m crocheting for my sister who is DUE in December. Yep – gonna be an aunty again. Love the fact that it’s not me this time and I can cuddle a little bundle and then hand it back before it explodes over me. I have my own exploding bundle thankyouverymuch.

I’ve also recently finished a gorgeous baby/toddler cardigan but got no photos alas and alack before I gifted it away. But with the mother’s permission I hope to share some pics soon, modelled by an impossibly gorgeous child.

Anna in progress

And I’ve started my Anna dress! Well, a wearable muslin upon which I have already visited some shrieking errors. Seriously – yesterday I must have shouted ‘I’M A DICK!!! WHY AM I SUCH A DICK???’ about twenty times. The pattern is glorious – terribly simple. But dear readers… I also appear to have become terribly simple. But we’re nearly there – just waiting on the next instalment of the Anna sewalong to help me with the invisible zipper scariness.

AND I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show up at Ally Pally last weekend where I saw precisely NO bloggers. Where were you all? Last year I accidentally ran into two of the most illustrious and celebrated blogger beauties all in an hour. This year you were obviously all hiding from me. I went with my crochet teacher and friend Bridie who was elbowed, nearly knocked over and then run over by a shopping trolley, all by a series of grey-haired knitting assassins clutching decorative sampler catalogues from Brian on stall 41. Fucking scary my friends. After said show Bridie showed me round a pair of knitting needles because, deep breath, I’m going to try my hand at the Miette Cardigan. Seriously, why bother with socks when you can drive yourself demented with a cardigan huh? That little square below isn’t my version of the cardigan by the way. It’s a tension swatch. A TENSION SWATCH! What am I getting myself into….?

Miette in progress

Ahhh, I can hear himself stirring. Better go – back soon. xxx

33 thoughts on “Stop the friggin press!

  1. Wowza!! Way to go getting your own feature, you celeb you!! 😀

    I’m just finishing up my very first knit project and planning on a Miette in the near future too, so you’re not in it alone!! 🙂 Also working on my own Anna, so we are totally sewing/knitting twins right now LOL

  2. Congratulations! Nice to be featured!
    What a coincidence… I am also knitting a blue miette and have the same needles! I am a newbie though. I even signed up on ravelry … May be getting hooked 😉

  3. Oooh well done – those pics and the write-up is lovely!!

    I’m hoping to make it to the Harroagte leg of the Knitting and Stitching… the London version is too far (from Manchester) and just too darn hectic for my liking. The women with trollies are FRIGHTENING!

    Get you doing tension swatches… I’m too lazy and then call myself every name under the sun if it doesn’t turn out well :p

  4. Them look like some fancy circular knitting needles! I am planning to attempt my first full size garment soon, once we’ve moved and I no longer have anything to do with my time! I need something to do while I am parted from my beloved machines!

  5. We are miette-along twins! I’ve just started mine, about 12 rows in now… I’m miniandmerky on Ravelry if you want to be friends…? Well done on the mag feature!

  6. Congrats Joanne!! Very cool magazine feature! And, my goodness! You’ve been such a busy bee! Totally in awe of your knitting cajones… jumping right into a Miette?!?! Boss.

  7. so much exciting going on at once! magazine feature, secret project, anna and FEARLESS knitting. seriously, jumping into a real actual garment is the best thing to do. knitting scarves is boring 🙂 anyhoo, the miette was my first knitting project too!

  8. You’re famous! Well deserved write-on on your crazy awesome skills. Can I just say I started a cardigan months and months ago and never finished. The cool weather is making me want to pick up the needles again. Can’t wait to see yours. It’s a lovely blue you’ve picked out.

    Hugs to George!

  9. Congrats on the article! And a little tip for the Miette cardigan–the bust darts look like they are too high for most ladies, and I’ve seen some who worked the decreases as written and the ‘darts’ (i.e. decreases) began on the upper half of the bust! Since you can try it on as you go along, you can figure out the perfect place to begin the decreases to get the ideal fit. Miette was the first sweater I knit, and it really is a perfect choice for a first sweater! Goodluck and have fun.

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