Completed: Victorious Victoria

I did it! I made something for me! All mine.

Victoria Blazer

I’ve had my eye on this little beauty for aaaaages and I was delighted to finally get it finished. Although let me be clear – the Victoria Blazer by By Hand London is not a difficult pattern at all. I’d highly recommend it for a beginner itching to make something fashionable, wearable and lovable. The Victoria loves ya back yo!

I made cropped version 2 – my favourite of the three variations on offer, although I can see myself slouching about in a longer version too. The sleeveless is not for me. I can’t get around early ‘Neighbours’ male character associations I’m afraid.

Polka dot lining

Another win – this blazer was entirely made from stash fabric. I used a very drapey synthetic fabric for the shell (DON’T ask me what it was I cannot tell you) and a soft swishy polkadot cotton for the lining. I took a tip from Sonia at Ginger Makes and extended the lining into the sleeves, making this a pleasure to slip on and off. Do it. If perhaps you are the LAST LIVING PERSON ON EARTH who has not made this yet.

My only issue? Like Ginger (yeah hello again!) I found the front neckline to be longer than the back which kinda freaked me out to begin with because I couldn’t work out what I had done wrong. I ended up kinda easing it in to get it to fit but would love to know if anyone else had this and what they did to correct it. Turned up sleeves

I used the lining fabric to create the cute little turn up cuffs. I was very tempted to do the same for the lapel but thought too much polkadot cutesiness might be a bit too twee. And this pattern is not twee my friends. This pattern slouches around cool east end bars, stays up til dawn and smokes fags indoors. I love it.

Back Victoria Blazer

Disregard those shocking creases – I have pressed since then. And now for an deeply uncool pic to grace this very cool pattern. There was a fucking massive bee behind me, hence the expression.

Thumbs up for Victoria

Not much more to add other than that I will be visiting Liberty this week to purchase some divine fabric for the Anna dress which is next on my list. A dress as sexy as that deserves some sexy fabric, non? How exciting. And how selfish. Bliss…


32 thoughts on “Completed: Victorious Victoria

  1. I love this jacket….and I think you may have just found the only person who hasn’t made it yet!! I’ve seen several versions of these and I’ve been too scared to attempt a jacket as I’m not that advanced yet! Love your version and the polka dots! Are you joining the Anna sew-along? I’ve got my Anna pattern and was going to join in as I’ve never done a sew-along. Kate

      • That’s what I hoped I’d get from joining a sew-along. I find it so damn hard to fit in sewing around family life so it’s often just little bits here and there…which is why I think a sew-along might be right up my street!

  2. I think I’m that last living person on earth… It’s on my birthday list tho, I promise! Looks fab, and I agree about Henry and Scott from Neighbours….

  3. Love it! I’ve just finished one too. I had a few issues with the sleeves even after lining them, but its still a very cute pattern!

  4. This is soooo cute on you! I haven’t given much thought to making a cropped version because I have no idea how I’d style it, but I love the way you have and you’re tempting me to try it!

    • Thank you darling! So kind too! Not snapped back unfortunately. Stopping breast feeding and eating cake has actually made me put on weight recently but pilates and running will be my friend – I’m determined!

  5. Ooh, cute blazer! I love the dotted lining you chose. And I’m impressed you were even able to stay still and smile with a bee all up in your business…the things we do for blog pics…

  6. Hey! Just found your blog. Love your blazer and your commentary, I haven’t been sure about this pattern but I like the description of it ‘slouching’ around cool bars, it’s making me look at it twice. Bees are terrifiying, I got stung on the face last week, it wouldn’t get out of my hair…hope you got out of there real quick!

  7. So very stylish and casual cool! I think you have presented me with the answer to my, “why can’t I find a cardi that fits and looks cute instead of frumpy surrounding my large bust!” question. Something drapey, but clean lined. Yummy! This upcoming makes are starting to become a list LOL

  8. Huh, I suspect I am the only person who hasn’t made a single BHL pattern…. but in my defence I live at the bottom of the world. We’re pretty behind down here; I only heard of BHL maybe three months ago??
    However, your blazer is just gorgeous. The polka dots make it, but I think you were right using them with restraint. Love it!

  9. Yay for selfish sewing. And what a comeback! I’m another one of those “last person on earth” types but coincidentally I gt my pattern in the mail today so one of these days…

  10. Wow Joanne! Firstly, you look incredible…I can’t believe you had a baby less than a year ago! Second, your blazer oozes slouchy cool! Lovely to ‘see’you back, can’t wait to see your Anna ;o)

  11. Lovely to see you and that you’re sewing up a storm!! Your blazer is toute cool and I’m loving the slouchiness of it and how you’re wearing it. I will rethink about the sleeve lining tip….it’s my next make ( squeal!!) if only it’s as successful as yours 🙂

  12. I must be the last living person on this earth who hasn’t made this jacket yet but fear not I have just received my pattern and it’s on my sewing table waiting for me to get started.

  13. I love your Victoria blazer, Joanne. You’re looking gorgeous! I have this pattern on my sewing table now and I really should finish it. So yeah, I’m beyond late to the party as well 🙂

  14. Really impressive, I love the polka dot detail at the cuffs and I think the cropped size looks amazing on you. Interested to hear you think it’s suitable for beginners. I’d assumed outerwear would be too difficult for me. It’s getting me thinking.

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