Why yes Miss P – I’m in

refashioners 2013 600 width

Can you guess what it is?

Yes! I’ve been invited by the amazing Portia of Miss P to take part in this year’s Refashioners! I am so excited by the line up this year. I mean – check. this. out. PEOPLE.

Zoe – So Zo…
Dixie – Dixie DIY
Joanne – Stitch and Witter
Lauren – Lladybird
Tasha – By Gum By Golly
Christ on an Easter bike – how did I get to join this illustrious lot? Especially since the closest I’ve got to my sewing machine this year is a couple of longing looks. But this is the perfect project to stretch those old sewing muscles non?
Last year Portia rounded up a bunch of stitching geniuseseseses and cajoled them into creating astonishingly gorgeous garments from, let’s face it, some questionable items. Check them out here.
In the meantime I’ll be watching my doormat nervously for her mystery item…
Newsflash – this week I have the most amazing Handmade Style participant. You will not be disappointed. I repeat: YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Watch this space.
P.S. Congratulations to Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons who will be appearing in the sewing spectacular that is The Great British Sewing Bee. Every time I think of it I squeal with excitement. Have you ever seen someone you know on TV and gone all squeaky with delight? That’ll be me come April 2nd at 8pm. I believe the hash tag on Twitter is #GBSB. If I can unglue my eyes from the telly I’ll be checking out all those tweets too.

7 thoughts on “Why yes Miss P – I’m in

  1. I’m so excited about this year’s refashioners roundup and I’m still pinching myself about being in it! Ditto on The Great British Sewing Bee front…I couldn’t be more excited to start watching and cheer Tilly on!

  2. Oh, YAY, I can’t wait to see what you make! And you’re right– this sounds like a nice way to ease back into sewing! I HAVE to figure out a way to see Tilly on the telly (heehee!)… it doesn’t seem like it’s airing on BBC America…

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