I’m still here… honestly!

George modelling his crocheted cardigan!

George modelling his crocheted cardigan!

Greetings everyone and a very belated but VERY HAPPY new year to you all! Contrary to what you might have suspected I have not been swallowed whole by the mummy situation… although it was touch and go for a while there.

We’ve now had the unutterable pleasure that is George in our lives for five whole weeks and a day and it’s starting to feel more normal, less relentless and much more wonderful than I ever thought possible. I am determined this not to be a mummy blog though so I will say only this to keep you appraised of his situation. I mentioned in my previous post that  there was a bit more drama around George’s arrival. Basically we were discharged on Christmas Eve last year and brought George home that afternoon. An evening of awfulness followed: my milk hadn’t come in yet and George didn’t seem to want to breastfeed. That, combined with my inexperience around breastfeeding (I mean – who knows how to do THAT straight out of the box, eh?) resulted in George losing an awful lot of his original birth weight. All babies lose a bit but he lost just a bit too much and so we were readmitted to hospital on Christmas Day. Yep – the turkey was in the oven, we’d started to open the presents and the midwife arrived and gave us the news after weighing him. So we trooped back to hospital and spent the next few days topping him up with expressed milk along with some vital breastfeeding support for me, and I’m happy to say he’s now thriving! He’s a sturdy hungry boyo and it’s all good.

Thank you so much for all your gorgeous kind and loving thoughts on the last post. I was in tears reading them – there must be some way of printing them all out and keeping them for Georgie to read when he gets older – he’ll be amazed (and probably a bit puzzled) as to why all these lovely ladies are leaving teary emotional messages for him. We are a lovely lot aren’t we?!

This morning I was watching Matt holding George, peacefully watching the Australian Open Final and I thought for the first time: yes this can work and it does feel normal and doable and that was an amazing feeling. So there is life after a baby. I just need to start putting it back in to my days. So far the evenings have been the worst – George is fussy and hungry in the evenings so I’m up most of the night nursing and comforting. But he seems to have turned a corner during the days and has even enjoyed a few three hour naps in the last couple! So if I can get a nap in during the day I’m much more ready to start tackling what I want to do. And with that in mind here’s what I’m planning for starters:

Stick to my promises

Uh-oh. In a moment of madness I threw my hat into Karen’s 2013 challenge and resolved to create a log cabin baby quilt with personalised EMBROIDERY as a feature.  What was I thinking?! The quilt – fair enough. Once you get started it’s fairly straightforward and I’ve already made one for my niece. But I haven’t even begun to learn embroidery. Oh god – I hope Karen doesn’t throw me in the stocks and have people throw craft implements at me if I don’t get on with this pronto. But there’s nothing like public humiliation to get one’s juices flowing eh?

Continue with the joy of Handmade Style

I have been remiss in getting some fab new interviews up on the site. I already have three fantastic features in the coffers and can’t wait to get them out there for you to enjoy. These ladies are the cream of the crop and each have a very unique style. I just know you’re going to love them… when I get them up on the site! Watch out for the first of 2013 later this week.

Get back to making clothes for myself

I’ve still got a baby belly (and a whole lot of stretch marks – gah!) and a bit of a lard arse so it’ll be a while before I’m knocking out fitted dresses but I’m sure I can turn my hand to a tunic or two and I’d love to create a couple more Renfrews (non maternity this time) for my post baby body. I know there are lots of mums out there – any suggestions for great post baby patterns?

Sort out the sewing room situation

So my beautiful sewing room is basically now chock full of baby stuff. And it’s to become a nursery at some point in the future too… so what to do? There might be a way of combining the two for a short while, even in that tiny space, So I need to turn my thoughts to getting that sorted. In the meantime it’ll be a matter of yanking out the sewing machine and setting up on the kitchen table.

And what else – ooh… Watching this little one grow, for a start.


31 thoughts on “I’m still here… honestly!

  1. It’s wonderful to see you enjoying your lovely new baby Joanne and amazing you still have time to write your blog. Savour every moment you can, as despite us often wanting them to move to the next stage, they grew up mighty quickly. I can highly recommend Simplicity 7054 as a quick and forgiving top. Unfortunately it doesn’t have buttons if you’re breast feeding but it hides a multitude of sins. My youngest is 14 and I’m still having to hide my 4 babies belly!! Good luck and I look forward to your next post.

    • Thanks Chris! Have you got a link for that pattern? Have searched and can only find a suit pattern and a kid’s one! It’s so true that this stage is fleeting – he’s already grown out of his first baby grows!

    • Knew I shouldn’t have started looking at the things you’ve made Joanne! Had just promised myself earlier today that the lounge needed to be reclaimed from the sewing workshop that it currently is, BUT…… I just love the ‘Mad Men’ style dress – it’s SO nice and you look beautiful in it – already have some pink linen fabric with some black ribbon to make the embelishments – can see myself having to sign up for Sewers Anonymous – sewing is absolutely addictive 🙂

  2. Oh wow looks at George! Gorgeous and welcome to the world outside hospital little man. Congratulations to you three.

    About post-preg patterns, I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor with my little ones so comfy loose trou were a life saver. I made several from New Look 6160. In ‘hind sight’ (snort!) I should have added some room in the seat for my larger post baby butt … I made two pairs up in linen and LIVED in them!

  3. It’s so lovely to hear from you and to see you both looking so beautiful and content, despite all the dramatic events! Congratulations to all three of you again and just make sure you take it easy and that you only spend time doing what makes you happy! As another commenter above said, we’ll be right here and cheering you on when you can post ;o) Much love!xx

  4. Oh, he’s looking so adorable! 🙂

    I’ve been doing the post-pregnancy, breastfeeding-friendly sewing for 4 months now (typing with a squirmy baby on me at the moment, haha!), and I’ve found that wrap-around skirts are fabulous, as you can adjust them as your size changes. Blouses/shirts are also good – can take them in at the sides as you lose weight (I can’t quite bring myself to make things that I won’t be able to fit into again soon!) and the button-up front gives easy access when you need it. (Shirt dresses are also good for that, just sew the bodice onto the skirt before you sew up the side-seams, so you can take it in easily when you need to. And center front zips are fabulous!! Super fast access when little creatures are yelling for food.)

  5. Oh Joanne, he’s adorable! I can only imagine what these first few weeks are like – crazy yet magical, I guess. Lovely to hear from you and pleased to hear we’ll still get to enjoy your crafty makes… but no hurry! xxx

  6. George is just adorable! So glad to hear that things are settling into a routine for you all. Best of luck with the log cabin quilt- what a gorgeous treat for George!

  7. George looks adorable, especially in that snazzy cardigan! It’s good to hear things are feeling a little more settled. Looking forward to whatever you get up to. You’re definitely putting my energy levels to shame 🙂

  8. Dearest, you may not have a regular schedule until George is in nursery school, so enjoy what you can, i.e., reading, knitting a little. Eventually, you’ll find a rhythm (and a place for your sewing machine — a sewing room is overrated). For now, enjoy his first smiles and don’t worry about anything else. My baby is 21 and I have all the time in the world and what I wouldn’t give….

  9. It’s just so delightful to read your positive, upbeat account of life with a newborn, and your quiet assurance about coping now, with an enthusiastic eye on the sewing future! You are an inspiration for all new mommies!

  10. Oh Joanne, you’re such an inspiration! And George is so very beautiful! Your goals sound lovely. I think all women everywhere are left wondering what the heck to wear after having a baby, so if you hit on any winners do let us know! I’ll file those away into my “Someday…” folder!

  11. Oh Joanne, as if you could ever have a lard arse!!! hahaha!! I love the honest and open way you’re relaying your mummy experiences – for a non-mummy like me, I find it very relatable ^_^ I also very much love George in his cardi and I can’t wait to see your post maternity makes! 🙂 ^_^

  12. Hi Joanne, glad to see you back! Good to hear you and George are doing well now. I wasn’t sewing when I had my lot, so can’t offer any advice re patterns for post baby bodies really, although, a portfolio dress would be very comfy and accommodating, once you have stopped breasfeeding. Looking forward to those interviews!

  13. I’m so glad that little George made it into the world safe and sound, and looking so adorable in his lovely cardi!
    Since having my little one nearly three months ago, I’ve found my new breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe to be variations of sorbetto-style tops over a vest – one layer gets pulled up, the other gets pulled down and lunch is served without revealing too much flesh!
    Take care of yourself and don’t feel like you *should* be making stuff for the sake of the blog. We’ll all still be here, we don’t mind waiting!
    All the best and enjoy!

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