Why crocheting preserves your sanity…

I am playing the waiting game. It’s physically arduous, mentally exhausting and very very dull. I am now overdue by a week. But I have crochet to keep me on just the right side of crazy.

Crocheted baby bootees

This is my second pair of baby bootees, made from scraps of wool from the baby blanket, using a pattern from Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes. They took maybe two hours each at the most to knock up, with lots of breaks.

bootee-2I thought I’d hang them on the tree in anticipation of the new arrival. Check out this adorable little ornament my sister sent me too. What a keepsake. Thanks sis!

Baby's first Christmas

I’ve also picked out the colours and started work on my next granny square blanket. I’m using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn in Teal, Clotted Cream, Light Blue and Mink. Don’t you just love the sounds of those colours?

New granny square patternI’m using the Cornflower pattern from Granny Squares and adding an extra round of treble crochets to increase the size, as well as using a 4.5 hook instead of a 3.00. The overall effect is chunky and cosy, just right for a blankie.

Today I’ve got an appointment with my consultant and hopefully getting a ‘sweep’ which might move things along a bit more. Wish me luck!


28 thoughts on “Why crocheting preserves your sanity…

  1. The new blankie colours are gorgeous! I hope everything goes well with your consultant. I remember being overdue very well. But hey, it’s warm and everything is on tap in the bump, and its cold out here!

  2. Joanne, I seem to have gone into hiding recently regarding blog commenting, but had to resurface to wish you all the best of luck with your birth!!! Christmas baby perhaps?!! I’m sure you are just ready to get things moving and get to hold your baby already! Hope all goes well, and cannot WAIT to see the pics of your new wee one.

  3. The new blanket looks lovely! I too went overdue and remember the seemingly interminable waiting game. Fingers crossed for your sweep, I hope everything goes well.

  4. Ooooh, the booties are too cute! And how amazing is it that you’re already planning your next crochet blanket!!! Love it! Wishing you well with the ‘sweep’…!xx

  5. Joanne my love, not long to go now and with any luck your little bab will be wearing those booties soon. Sending you lots of love and good luck for the birth. Hopefully the next time we hear from you you’ll be a mum!!!! xx

  6. Gorgeous booties!
    My little one ended up being two weeks overdue. I found that I went from waking up in the morning wistfully thinking “la la la, I wonder if I’ll have a baby by the end of the day?” to waking up and saying “Come on baby, let’s get this show on the road already!” Hang in there and take care of yourself, your baby if just working on the finishing touches!

  7. Keep crocheting! I went overdue by 17 days – had to have a hospital check every other day after day 10, got booked in for an induction, and had my eldest in my arms by the the time the induction appointment came round, but only just! Thinking of you – the baby will hopefully be a very special christmas present.

  8. Oh good luck from me too! My boy was over a week overdue too. The good thing about those little overdue sloths is that they are mostly very healthy. But maybe your little baby is already there and you are already a happy exhausted mother?
    I often carried my little boy in a sling so I had my hands free for such things as sewing, so even crocheting will be no problem (but honestly this was mostly the way to have my hands free for housework ;-(
    Good Luck, Yvonne

  9. Aw, I remember this time in 2009. Elliott was due 22nd of December so I spent the whole of Christmas and New Year on tenter hooks. Bouncing on a gym ball, baking, cleaning, eating curry and drinking Raspberry tea! (not all at once. That would just be messy!) He finally joined us on 4th Jan after much inducement! We always say he was so late he turned up the following year 😉 They’re not daft these babies ya know. They know where it’s cosiest!
    Warmest wishes and best of luck. It’s a magical time of year to have a baby!
    (Those blankie colours are so gorgeous btw!)

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