Completed: Granny square baby blanket

Granny square baby blanket - finished!

Granny square baby blanket – finished!

I simply can’t believe I’ve managed to finish this before the baby arrives. This blanket has been a year and a half in the making you guys! It didn’t even start life as a baby blanket, just as a bunch of granny squares in pretty colours that allowed me to practice my new-found crochet skills, taught to me by my chum Bridie on a summer crafternoon.

Square and edging detail

Square and edging detail

It’s the simplest of granny square patterns ( I’ve included it at the end for anyone who’s just starting out too) but it uses the softest most gorgeous extra fine merino wool by MillaMia Sweden. At around £5 to £5.50 a ball, this blanket was not cheap to make! I’d estimate around 30 balls were used, making the materials alone an astonishing £150 or thereabouts (thankfully spread out over the course of a year)! Altogether 192 granny squares make up the finished blanket. I used approximately three more balls (plus a bit more grey) for the edging.

More edging detail

More edging detail

The edging was created by doing one round of double crochet in that lovely dusty pink to even off the sides and then one round of treble crochet in the same colour; then a round of treble crochet in ‘snow’, then the same in grey with a further final round of treble crochet clusters (seven into one stitch, miss two stitches, slipstitch, miss two stitches, repeat) to give that lovely scalloped edge.

See how big it is?

See how big it is?

This blanket has travelled the world with me too. It’s been to Ireland, to Paris, to Santorini, to Thailand and even to Laos!

On holiday in Laos and on the Eurostar to Paris

On holiday in Laos and on the Eurostar to Paris

I’d guess maybe upwards of 150 hours have been spent on it. It’s been a conversation starter, an anxiety reliever, a chilly afternoon warmer-upper and, when I discovered I was pregnant, it became a potential heirloom. A best friend and comforter for our son or daughter that will hopefully travel through their life with them.

It’s big enough to be doubled over as a sturdy cot or pram blanket but it also covers a single bed and is large enough to wrap up a overdue pregnant woman! Witness!

Overdue pregnant woman wrapped

Overdue pregnant woman – wrapped

I love this blanket so much. I’m almost heart broken to have finally finished it.

But I can’t wait to start a new one! I’m thinking a 400 square granny blanket to keep me and the husband warm in our dotage. It’ll probably take that long…

Here’s the granny square pattern. These are the same instructions I used to teach Mela how to crochet a granny square and she’s making great progress so hopefully they’ll work for you.


38 thoughts on “Completed: Granny square baby blanket

  1. So beautiful, Joanne – I know the wee one will love it, and cherish it even more when he/she is old enough to understand how much love & care you put into it 🙂 I love the colours 🙂

    I hope the wee one comes soon – perhaps they were just waiting for their blankie to be finished! ^_^ much love xoxo

  2. It is so, so beautiful. I am really glad to think this blanket is ready to welcome your baby into the world. That edging absolutely makes it. I am getting very annoyed with my own blanket, which is taking too long. I need to apply myself more! I am thinking of you all the time – good luck with all adventures to come. You are going to have a baby in the house for Christmas. Isn’t that the best thing in the world?!!!

  3. I am so proud of you.. The edging is great it really finishes it off. It will definitely be an heirloom. What colours are you going to do for the one for you and current? The next one will be easier because of all the practice on this one – although you’ll have less sitting around time thanks to the baby….

    • Oh cheers Bridie and thank you so much for the lessons! Not sure what colours to go for. Matt suggested citrus colours like green and yellow, but I think he secretly hopes I won’t notice that’s Norwich city football club colours!

  4. Joanne, this is exactly the reason I took crochet lessons…to have a blanket just like this in my life! Sadly, my crochet skills aren’t up to much, but I’m so tempted to try again after seeing this beauty! Your baby blanket is so beautiful and I love that it’s big enough to keep your little one warm when s/he’s not so little any more! What an absolute labour of love…you’re a hell of a mummy already ;o)

      • Let’s just say the first afternoon that Joanne tried she thought she would never get it. However, with a bit of practice and another session (maybe it helped that we went to the pub and did it over a drink and dinner) it all became much clearer. Practice does help as it it makes it easier. And at least with crochet you can unravel it and start again – much easier than with sewing. Granny squares are a really good place to start as the stitches are quite simple and the repetition helps.

      • Thanks Joanne and Bridie, your encouragement is much appreciated! I’m going to do it, in the new year I will give crochet another go! There, I said it…publicly!!!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I wish I managed to finish half the projects I started. Seeing this blanket has inspired me to get back to that blanket that I started months ago, oh and those mittens too, and the hat… the list is endless.

  6. Yay!! What an achievement! It’s amazing Joanne and so pretty. I also love the edging….and the photo story of its history and travels is super cool!! What a well travelled blankie. Thinking of you Joanne, looking forward to hearing from momma stitch and witter xx

  7. Very lovely blanket. Reading this reminded me of how excited I was when it was time to meet my twins. i was not sewing or learning to knit then though. I can imagine all the beautiful things you will make for your baby!

  8. I don’t crochet much because I don’t enjoy it as much as knitting, but this looks like the PERFECT traveling project…since you, like, DID travel with it. It’d be handy for when I don’t want to drag a long a big ol’ bag of something! I may have to try it now. 🙂

  9. I can’t believe I’m wanting to profess my love to a blanket right now, but it’s true – this is just SO gorgeous. And cosy. And snuggly. I want to reach through the monitor and touch it. I especially love the colours – they remind me of chocolate, raspberry and vanilla… all deliciously lovely. Lucky, Lucky Baby!

  10. Gorgeous blanket! Really gorgeous classic colours. Can see it pictured in an Elle Decoration type shoot! I feel your sadness of coming to the end of such a project. But you will have so many memories tied to its making, in fact my last blog post was about this! Good luck with your very impending life changing event x

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  15. Love this blanket. Thanks for sharing the pattern for the granny squares. The border is so beautiful, but I cant find the pattern fir the border.

  16. I’ve just started crocheting and loving it already! Came across your blanket and just had to say how beautiful it is! Love the colours and pretty edging, what a gorgeous keepsake for your little one and possibly theirs! 🙂 x

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