Handmade Style – questions update

So I’ve been going through all your suggestions for new questions to ask in the Handmade Style series. Blimey you are a nosey lot. I love it. You’re just like me. Given half the chance and an empty house you’d be rifling through drawers, rummaging through cupboards and pillaging the fridge (or is that just me?).

Anyway – loads of brill suggestions, some of which I’ve incorporated into the questions I send out to the lovely ladies who agree to be interrogated. However, as much as it guts me to say this, I can’t include them all. Because a) I want to keep the questions based around style rather than veering into sewing habits and b) I don’t want to overwhelm the willing participant with a zillion questions even though I RLYRLY want to know the answers.

So… I’ve included a new question about what comes first – fabric or pattern – in the creative process, which a lot of you were interested in. I’ve also amended the designer inspiration question to ask about high street stores that inspire handmade style (not all of us follow designers of course) and I’ve added a further question on forthcoming projects which was a genius suggestion. Finally, I added a question that came up a lot: whether our fave bloggers sew on a whim or to fill vital gaps in their wardrobe. I suspect it’s a mixture of both for most but I’d love to hear how people describe their decision-making process, don’t you?

But there were so many brill suggestions – it just shows that there are lots of opportunities for other sewing interview series – why not start one yourself? I’d love to see a series on sewing spaces as suggested by Vicki Kate – how awesome would that be? Heather Lou from Closet Case Files had a fantastic question on how our love of sewing translates into the rest of our lives e.g. baking, cooking, other crafts. I’d read a series based on that wouldn’t you? Sophie O intrigued me with her query on how women in temperate climates style up their outfits in real life. I think that’s a great question to ask around events such as Me Made May or Self Stitched September as we can see real life outfits in action then. Make it Give it had loads of ace questions around people’s journey into sewing and their motivations as well as delving into their guilty sewing secrets – now there’s two more great ideas for a new series right there.

So thank you very much for all your bright ideas and who knows – maybe someone will be inspired to create their own little nosey corner of the internet as a result?

Pregnancy update: We are overdue my friends, by about four days. This baby seems to be very happy inside where it’s warm and dry I think!


9 thoughts on “Handmade Style – questions update

  1. I’ve been totally thinking about starting my own spinoff since answering your Handmade Style questions, because I felt like a big thing that kept coming up for me was body image. So I’ve been thinking of doing a “how has your handmade wardrobe affected your body image” series – but didn’t know if it was too touchy-feely??

    I know I’ve said it before, but I really love this series of posts and I love your other suggestions for spinoffs!
    And GOOD LUCK and warm wishes on your final baby countdown!!!

  2. I’m such a huge fan of your series Joanne – loved it so far and I’m also looking forward to the tweaked format/questions too! I love your spinoff ideas too ;o)

    On the baby front…hang on in there I guess and I’m sure s/he will come out to play soon! Good luck with it all, what an exciting chapter you’re about to start!xxx

  3. Is this a hint, ha ha? I just thought of another question (or series): Why do almost all sewists have cats? There is a major correlation. Someone (me, I guess?) should start a tumblr blog of our cats sleeping on our yet to be completed projects. “Hey Kitty” instead of “Hey Girl”?

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