Meet Pete: Crap Ted

Awh bless him. This is Pete – my unborn child’s first best friend.

Pete the crap tedThat’s assuming said unborn child doesn’t scream at Pete’s wonky head, unbalanced torso, lack of mouth and rickety legs. Rather alarmingly, Pete already looks like a Ted that has seen better days, which might mean that he may not last the distance we all hope our first Teds will. But no matter. Pete is soft, lovable and a bit wrong – like all my favourite childhood toys.

He’s been made using another pattern from (Cute & Easy) Crocheted Baby Clothes and stuffed with safe toy stuffing from John Lewis. I like the combination of colours – gives him a bit of a retro Rainbow look.

And here’s another project from the same book! A blanket for the pram using a sort of chevron stripe and featuring corner pom poms.

Baby blanketThe purple/mulberry colour around the edges and within the stripes matches the pram perfectly and goes rather well with Pete too. Bonus. Here’s a pom pom close up.

Pom pom close upNext up – maybe some more bootees, definitely more granny squares for the ongoing baby blanket project and maybe even start a cardigan for myself! I’ve got my eye on this little number from The Best of Interweave Crochet which I purchased a while back.

I love the bow detail and the oversized buttons. It’s supposed to be fairly straightforward and suitable for beginners so let’s see how I get on…

Have you found yourself doing more knitting/crocheting/embroidery than sewing recently? Is it because it’s just so much easier to curl up on the sofa with?


14 thoughts on “Meet Pete: Crap Ted

  1. Hilarious! I have literally just posted, asking ‘Where are the men?’ They’re here – crocheted!!! Oh, I love Pete. You’re crocheting up a storm! I am still to master the ripple crochet. I really want to try it. Love everything you’re making. Never will a baby feel so welcomed…

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  3. Ah crap Pete has that lovely personal one of a kind way about him 😉 I’ve started the cardigan and it is easy only half of the first arm done though so it still has the potential to also be ‘one of a kind’ just like Pete which won’t be as cute as Pete it’ll just make me look very scary x

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