My Handmade Style: Over to you

My Handmade Style

We’ve now had seven very talented seamstresses share their style inspiration with us over the last couple of months or so, from Tilly and her tap-dancing playsuits to Lauren  and her retro-ladylike chic. And there’s more to come!

I wanted to stop and take a breath in this series and ask how you’ve been enjoying it so far? From the comments on each post it sounds like you guys are enjoying it just as much as I have been (plus you’re all as nosey as I am when it comes to rummaging around these ladies’ mental and real-life armoires, so to speak).

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Any burning questions you’d like to ask that I can include? For example, for those sewists who still buy ready-made items, maybe you’d like to know their favourite high street stores? Or maybe you’d like to know how they decide what to wear in the morning?  It’s up to you. Let me know what I’m missing and I’ll endeavour to include it in the questions, without overwhelming the recipient mind.

You’ve been nominating your favourite bloggers all along (and I promise I’ll get around to asking all of them at some point) but is there anyone that hasn’t got a mention yet that you’re just dying to know more about? Shout ’em out.

To those amazing bloggers who have already taken part, thanks very much for taking the time and effort to put such thought and consideration into your answers. I LOVE seeing those emails and pics dropping into my inbox.


18 thoughts on “My Handmade Style: Over to you

  1. I’m often interested how people visualise things. I’m not quite sure how to explain this though. I got talking to our gallery curator today (I’m fortunate enough to work in a cultural centre) and we were discussing the latest fashion range of an Aussie designer High Tea with Mrs Woo. which started a serious epirsode of ‘arm waving’ as I call it. We began a lengthy discussion and with much more ‘arm waving’ I was talking about balance, shape, pattern and colour in clothing, pulling up pattern designer websites, pointing out why I felt some patterns had become so popular, what was working and what were issues. Of course we talked about fabrics and I explained my very unformed ideas about my personal process of selecting fabrics for patterns and so on. And when I felt it appropriate (and fun!) to buck the rules.
    So what the hell am I saying? I am always curious about the see-saw between choosing patterns and choosing fabrics. How does that work with great stitchers? What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do they just buy tons of fabric (or more than usual)? Stacks of pattern? How big is their stash? Do they look at a pattern and immediately visualise a fabric? Do they see pattern edsign lines or the blogger/designer interpretations as more inspirational? Do they see a fabric and visualise it as a dress/top/skirt? I find that fascinating… how you ask that I’m not sure!

  2. i would love to know how people build a wardrobe – so how they choose what to sew in what fabrics to go with what else they have. it’s something i’m not great at (probably why i make lots of dresses – they don’t have to match much else!)

  3. I have loved this series – one of those ideas that I wish I’d had myself! The only thing I often wonder is how people manage to see beyond the styling on patterns and create something way beyond what seems possible!

  4. I have fallen hard for this series! Just brilliant!
    I’d love to know about their sewing space (cos I am incredibly nosey!) and how they decide what to wear!
    Also whether they plan their sewing to build their wardrobe or sew on a whim? And pretty much what Lizzy said!
    Paunnet would be an awesome contributor, as woud suzysewing and didyoumakethat. And Zilredloh, and prettygrievances!

  5. I’ve been l-l-loving the series! So nice to pick the brains of all these ladies I love so much. A thing I would be curious about is how much their love of sewing translates into other domestic crafts… how many people are into baking, cooking, preserving, knitting, making cheese etc? Basically whether sewing is for them a return to a more elemental way of making and producing things that translates into other areas of their lives as well.

  6. I’ve found this whole series very inspiring, and it’s great to see so many different women and their relationship with their clothing and their style! I have a question for those women living in temperate climates (such as the UK) and therefore have to endure winter at some point: what do you wear with your beautiful dresses or wonderful separates? Because photos for blogs are great but don’t necessarily reflect real life (as discussed recently by Paunnet and Catherine Daze). I’m really curious about that!

  7. I’ve come into this just recently so apologies if I am making suggestions you have already covered
    I really like Julia Bobbin and Did You Make That also Gertie (but I figure you’ve probably done her already?)
    I’m interested in seeing where people sew, if there are things that they are scared of sewing, hearing about how their journey into sewing began and what motivated it (poorly fitting shop clothes, cost, wanting to wear something different….), also what their cheats are and if they have guilty sewing secrets (like not snipping all the threads off, etc)
    Great series!!!

  8. I, too, am enjoying these posts. I would like to know the whys and wherefores of how everybody got interested in sewing in the first place, and I would love to see Karen from Did You Make That, Gertie from Gertie’s Blog For Better Sewing, and what about your good self?!

  9. It’s been amazing! I’ve loved finding out all the nosey stuff too, stuff that people might not immediately talk about of their own accord on their blogs. I’d really like to know about other sewists’ forgotten/abandoned projects – do you guys also have a box full of “carcasses” waiting to be repurposed…?

  10. Great series! I’d also like to know:

    – Do they design clothes in their heads and then get fabric and patterns to match, or do they buy fabric and patterns randomly then see what comes out of it?
    – Where do they buy non-handmade clothes (even if they sew nearly everything would be interested in shoes/knitwear etc)
    – How do they get new style inspiration – using Pinterest etc?

    Thanks for writing all these posts!

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