Earning my Renfrew stripes

Yoo hoo! It’s another Renfrew!

Sooooo I actually made this not long after my stars Renfrew but have just got round to writing it up. Yay – another successful Renfrew. This pattern is awesome – seriously. I cannot recommend it ENOUGH.

But what to say that’s new? Well – I kinda fecked up the stripe matching even though I really did try, I promise! But the mismatch doesn’t bother me at all if I’m honest.

I really like that the neckline has that thin white band all the way round. Don’t ask me why. Simple things please me these days.

This top is so comfortable it’s unreal. You just pop it on and forget you’re wearing clothes – it’s soooo cosy. Even after my bump deflates I’m going to wear these as jammy tops in the winter. I could put a hot water bottle in the flabby bit left behind.

In other news I’ve been enjoying my first few days of total and utter freedom. I’ve officially left work and am JOBLESS. It feels really weird to a) not be working and b) not be actively looking for work. I’ve been batch cooking for post baby dinners so lots of spicy carrot soup and Irish stew is getting whipped up. Plus I’ve got some uber-cute crochet projects to show you too. But that’s for another day. Have a fabulous weekend!


26 thoughts on “Earning my Renfrew stripes

  1. I agree on the neckline – fabulous detail. Re other stripe matching – I think people get too hung up on this. We don’t turn our noses up at shop-bought because the stripes don’t match up, and they so often don’t. I am totally going to make myself a maternity Renfrew, just so that I have somewhere to put my hot water bottle. You know, I love scalding my belly in bed! I bet you cook a mean Irish stew… Enjoy your freedom!

  2. Joanne, you and the belly look so uber cute!!! I agree about the Renfrew, I’ve made it countless times too and I’m still going. This version of yours is great, the stripe on the neckline is perfect and stuff the stripes not matching down the sides…who cares!?! I’ve made one stripy Renfrew and my matching was less than perfect, but I still love wearing it ;o)

  3. I love the top. I agree the white stripe on the neckline is very cute! I didn’t even realise the stripes are not matching. Looks perfect to me. Congratulations on your freedom…it’s nice to take it easy from time to time. And you will be uber busy very soon ;o)

  4. Joanne, you’ve got yourself a lovely maternity wardrobe going on and I love this latest addition. I’ve had some striped jersey in my stash for ever but have been too wimpy about stripe matching to use it. Right, you’ve inspired me – next on my list is a striped Renfrew! x

  5. I am so impressed that you are cooking ahead of time! Very smart. Your renfrews both look fantastic. I am working on a knit top right now using the same maternity modification, but I’m a little stumped. The pattern I’m using is not cut on the fold. It has sort of an asymmetric wrap front so the whole front is one piece. When I add length, I’m also wondering if I should add any width. I’m not sure if my belly will need extra width, too. Ok, sorry I’m rambling on… just thinking out loud. You look fantastic!

  6. Matching thin stripes like that would be really hard! I think you did a great job. It’s one of those things no one but you will notice. The top looks great! Really comfy and cute. Enjoy your time off work and the baby preparations!

  7. Joanne you look so beautiful!! I love your stripe-y renfrew – and in my humble opinion… matching tiny stripes on knits is overrated (shhh!!!) I hope you enjoy your nesting time, getting ready for the new baby!

  8. It’s a weird thing – getting used to being a Lady of Leisure (well, as much leisure as you can squeeze in before the baby arrives and becomes your new boss!) I’ve been spending my pre-baby time like you – batch cooking, crocheting, walking, swimming and generally just trying to relax and enjoy the beautiful autumnal days. It’s a really lovely time, enjoy it!
    Oh, and lovely neckline detail on your Renfrew!

  9. You look adorable!! Lovely job on the stripey Renfrew – I like that white line on the neckline too! Do enjoy your off time – it sounds so blissful and carefree – just what a mummy-to-be should be! ^__^

  10. This looks great! I am going to try to copy this, though with maybe slightly less added to the front since I’m only 19 weeks. Did you add bands along the sleeve cuffs and waist, or just turn them up for a simple hem?

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