I think this is more ‘me’

First up, thanks everyone who commented on my winter coat muslin. You’re all so funny and lovely and clever. I laughed, I cried, I nodded vigorously throughout.

The overwhelming consensus was that this coat is not working for me at all.  The collar is too big, the raglan sleeves too low, the swingy voluminous shape too voluminous for my small frame and the length waaaay too long. Plus, there was some very sage advice involving swelling bosoms, breast feeding and avoiding complex sewing while heavily pregnant.

So taking all that on board I’m going to put my winter coat plans on ice until next year. Any tips on storing three metres of beautiful expensive wool without getting perma folds in it?

And in the meantime, I’ve purchased… this!

Simplicity 7805I decided that something more fitted would suit me and my frame (even if I do end up a bit chubbier) and I love anything with an empire line. When I saw this I just thought of Moonrise Kingdom and fell in love instantly. I’ve actually bought it in a Bust 36 to accommodate any potential extra boobage I might be lucky enough to get.

Isn’t View 1 totally adorable with that double collar?! God I so want this coat to be made up now. But patience is a virtue and what a fantastic goal to get me back in shape post partum.

32 thoughts on “I think this is more ‘me’

  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous GORGEOUS! I love it – stellar decision making there! I love the double collar and the buttons and empire bust, and those little pocket flaps! Definitely something to look forward to! Yay!! So long sad-face muslin!!

  2. I don’t know about permafolds but another thing to bear in mind – if you’re fond of wool and prone to buying it – is moths. I know a few friends who’re suffering from ruined cashmere… This year has been especially bad apparently (in London anyway).

  3. That’s a lovely pattern I think it’ll really suit you! Just think this time next year you’ll be taking your almost-one-year-old baby out for walks in a beautiful handmade coat. Now that’s something to look forward to!

    I agree about the moths. I knit more than sew (at the moment!) and keep lavender bags and cedar blocks in my knitting. John Lewis and Lakeland have good selections.

  4. I would try rolling it, around say an old wrapping paper tube? Rolls will minimise creases but don’t roll so tight you stretch the fabric out!

    I’m having pattern jealousy over that new pattern you’ve picked. Lush!

  5. This is a much nicer pattern. I’d still hold off a bit though as if you end up with big bazoomers an empire line might not suit! Also, quite a few people say they feel pregnant in an empire line style which is not what you’re after. That might just be dresses and not coats but just thought I’d throw those thoughts into the ring.

  6. Way better! I bet the finished coat is going to be gorgeous. Too bad about your first attempt, but better to spend the time and make sure you like it before cutting into your lovely fabric.

  7. Let me add to my last comment – I love it so much, I just bought my own copy! Joy! Too bad I’m in the southern hemisphere and probably won’t make it for another year…

  8. i also love that coat, but it’s a dress. i don’t know what adjustments you would have to do to turn it into a coat. you’re way too young to know, but in the 60’s coat dresses were very popular. they looked like coats but weren’t. it’s very smart and you should make it anyway. you’ll look terrific in it.

    • You know what – I was wondering that as I was looking at it and thinking hmmm that’s very dress like. Well spotted! It’s been shipped already so let’s see how it comes. Maybe a very good thing I bought a size up then!

  9. I agree with 2barbara that it may be a coatdress, which were around in the 60s. (So was I!) It would account for the double collar. I’m so impressed with all of you for making muslins – I was so innocent that I assumed whichever pattern I chose would fit me perfectly. I would never have been bothered to make two of something and then not wear one of them. Anyway, it would have cost more and I couldn’t have afforded it. The past is a far-off country!

  10. Ooh that pattern is GORGEOUS!! Very envy-worthy!! Even if it is a dress, it could become a coat, no? It looks versatile enough 🙂 Even if not, it would make an amazing dress!! ^__^

    I dunno if it’s “correct” or not, but I always store my fabric rolled up and tied with a ribbon, then labelled as to what it is, how much yardage, and whether it’s been pre-washed. Rolling it helps alleviate fold lines that are impossible to press out. The label might sound silly, cause you’d think i’d remember those things, but it really helps me because my memory is terrible 😛

  11. That souble collar is cah-uuute. You found a great coat pattern. You’re going to look killer in it. And imagine if you make the baby something with the extra fabric? And then you can be twinkies 🙂

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