A Renfrew to see me through

Why have I been avoiding this pattern? It’s a dream! Must be something to do with a fear of knits and a growing bump. But then I came across Zoe’s fantastic tutorial on adapting a jersey pattern for maternity.. and a new wardrobe essential was born!

Maternity Renfrew

Maternity Renfrew

The tutorial couldn’t have been easier. Zoe walks you right through it (and all you’re doing is adapting the front pattern piece in any case). Couldn’t be easier. Pregnant bloggers – take up the challenge!

But mustn’t forget the genius that is Tasia’s Renfrew pattern. I sewed up View B with View C’s three-quarter-length sleeves. The trickiest bit was attaching the V neck to the body of the top – that was a little hard and I think I botched it slightly although it’s impossible to notice. However Tasia has plans to do a step-by-step on this later in the year. The rest was pretty much plain sailing. I really really wanted to do some topstitching with a recently purchased twin needle but lo and behold it’s gone on walkabouts somewhere in my sewing room, along with my tomato pincushion. (Where do these things go… the fourth dimension?) All seams were sewn with a basic zigzag stitch.

I feel a bit guilty as I’ve only taken one photograph but that’s really all there is to the top and showing you all my different angles isn’t as appealing as it once was! The fabric (looks like polkadot but is actually a star print) is from Walthamstow market (a bargain £2 a metre).

Verdict? This is an ace pattern, pregnant or otherwise. You can do it in an afternoon and you don’t need an overlocker either. Once you’ve done one I’ll bet you’ll go back for more. I’m going to try a stripey black and white next!

Has your fear of knits been conquered by the Renfrew? Or are you still quaking at the thought?


18 thoughts on “A Renfrew to see me through

  1. Snap! I just made a Renfrew too…there must be something in the water! Yours looks absolutely marvellous, as if it was meant to be a maternity pattern all along. Love it Joanne and I also love your new background ;o)

  2. GORGEOUS baby bump! NIce Renfrew too, you’re right, it’s perfect for adjusting for maternity wear. I’ve also been avoiding this pattern which is ridiculous as it’s perfect for this time of year. Right, you and Marie have just inspired me to make a Renfrew! x

  3. ooo lovely! I’m still to scared of knits – it’s become a bit of a mental block. But seeing your’s and Marie’s Renfrews this morning has inspired me to finally give it a go.

  4. Hello pregnant lady! What a lovely top and Bump! I am about to start a Renfrew of my own. Had the pattern for ages. I think I’m going to have to get to Walthamstow Market – i am envious of yours and Karen’s barginous materials.

  5. That looks fantastic! What a cool knit fabric! You look beautiful! 🙂

    I haven’t tackled the renfrew yet but it’s on my fall sewing plan – I had a hard time finding a stable knit that wasn’t synthetic – our knit selection here is sad! lol

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  7. Joanne, I’ve just remembered that you left me a message about using my tutorial, I’m so sorry I forgot to come and ‘visit’ and say thanks! I’m soooo glad you found it useful, and many thanks for the positive review and link. I’m chuffed to bits that it helped you out.


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