A nice sit down

Greeting crafters! Hope you’ve been making the most of your weekends so far. I’ve literally just finished a project and I just had to write it up because it’s one of those projects that makes me bloody proud to be crafty (and cheap).

So I was looking for a chair that would be ideal for nursing in, and I found a beautiful Ercol rocking chair on eBay going for a song. I eventually won it for £41 and it was delivered last week. It’s a gorgeous chair and the cushions are so comfortable… but they were a bit… eighties shall we say?

Original cushions

The original cushions – grim!

Pretty grim huh? It was time for a makeover.

I had this lovely vintage cotton I picked up at a market in Crouch End a few months ago. I’d been saving it for cushions but when I realised how beautifully it went with the dark wood of the chair I was committed.

Vintage fabricI just traced around the original cushions directly onto the fabric, noting where the zips were. I used some ready-made piping I had in my stash and hey presto, three hours later, we have a transformation!

New ercol cushionsI’m so so chuffed with this! It’s weird that a little project like this can make you so happy isn’t it? I can’t wait to get crocheting in this later tonight!

Do you find little projects can have a completely out of proportion impact on your sewing mojo? What’s been your proudest crafty moment recently?


34 thoughts on “A nice sit down

  1. Great job Jo!! I love those old Ercol rockers. So caressable!! I don’t think I’d be able to sit in one without rubbing my hands up and down the arms, lol!
    What ya crocheting?

    • I do that too Portia! I have to say I always think of your fabulous ‘Ooh she’s cheap’ series when I do something like this now! I am crocheting yet another baby blanket! What else?!

  2. A lovely improvement!
    I refurbed a footstool recently- just cost me £5 from a charity shop, but that included having to contend with 70s tan/brown velour! Well, that had to go…
    Changing furniture feels like quite the achievement, doesn’t it? 🙂

  3. Lovely! It’s so nice to have a great nursing chair and this is soooo pretty.
    I recently made a fishing vest for my daughter (which I trimmed to excess!!) and I absolutely loved the process and the result. Her excitement probably greatly contributed to my enjoyment too!

  4. Great job, looks amazing Joanne. I think there is a real difference in occasionally sewing home things when you normally sew clothing because they are in your face, reminding you to feel proud all day every day from then on ( instead of in the wash, in the ironing pile, in the wardrobe or occasionally being worn!) my jumper into a cushion is something that i wish I’d done sooner and love looking at now. Sadly the bedroom blinds are constantly niggling me shouting at me to remake them, but I keep employing delaying tactics…..I should remember the end result will make me continually happy, shouldn’t I?!? But when there’s lovelies to sew………it’s so hard to get motivated!

    • Absolutely agree and I love your jumper cushion Winnie – it’s the perfect upcycling jobby. I think taking a break from clothes sewing helps sometimes. For example today I cut out and sewed most of my winter coat muslin and I think that’s mostly down to a sewing high caused by a quick win!

  5. That fabric reminds me of some stuff called “Daisy Chain” designed by Pat Albeck (ma-in -law of Emma Bridgewater) which I bought in the -ahem- 60s when I was at college. It was sold as curtain fabric in John Lewis but I loved it and made a long dress for a party – sailed confidently into the party only to realise that the owners of the house loved it as well but had used it for – yes- curtains!

  6. This is amazing! That fabric couldn’t be perfecter…! I seem to accumulate so much stuff from ebay and especially crap I find on the street, and I have such good intentions to reupholster, sand and paint etc etc etc… not enough hours in the day I say.

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