The evolution of the cardigan

I’ve just finished my third crocheted baby cardigan, using a pattern from (Cute and Easy) Crocheted Baby Clothes, and I just have to share this pic of all three as it tickles me so much to see the difference!

The evolution of the cardigan

Apart from the size (which IS deliberate by the way) you can clearly see some sort of development in confidence and skill. I’m not saying the most recent is perfect by any means – but look at the difference! Makes me almost sorry for the baby when it’s tiny as it has to wait a couple of months before it can wear the good stuff!

Here’s a closer look at the latest addition to the family. The pattern is called the Baby Shell Cardigan  on account of the shell-style detail in the skirt. Apparently it’s been adapted from an old vintage pattern.  It’s quite feminine in style as a result of the shells but hopefully the colour and the traditional buttons make it more gender neutral.

Cardy close up

A few of you expressed amazement in my last post that I was so far along in pregnancy so I thought I’d share a pic of the bump from last week so you can see how big I’ve got! Bonkers eh? Gracie is wondering if it’s a new place for keeping kitty treats. Gracie, you’ve got no idea what’s coming sweetheart. These are the salad days. Cherish them my little fluff-duster.

Le bump et le chat

Finally – I’ve managed to make a start on the winter coat. I’ve traced out all the pattern pieces onto Swedish tracing paper, ready to cut out my muslin pieces.

Winter coat pattern piecesI’m trying out a new tracing paper this time. I used to use Kwik Trace (92cm by 4.6m) for £10.21 but I’ve recently found Gloriarty’s Swedish Sewable Tracing Paper in a roll (74cms by 9.14m) for £9.99 which is much better value.It’s thicker which means you can really make out the pencil notes on each piece which is great in this failing autumnal light.

Next up – cutting out the muslin and putting it together! Slow and steady Joanne, slow and steady…


31 thoughts on “The evolution of the cardigan

  1. Ooh, yes, you’re quite far along aren’t you. Either that or you’ve got kitty treats and a cat bed in there. Love those little crochet items. I started crochet, got obsessed with it for a whole summer a couple of years ago and haven’t done any since. Maybe if I had a baby to crochet for I would take it up again – have to wait for the grandkids now though, I’ve done my bit for perpetuating the species.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the muslin – I’m just starting into dressmaking again after a long break and see that everybody is doing muslins or toiles which I don’t think I ever did in my previous amateurish attempts. Would you say it’s a definite ‘must do’ for all garments?

    • Oh no definitely not necessary for all garments. But because I’m spending so much on the material for the coat it would be extremely disappointing if it didn’t work out, so a muslin seems to be a prudent measure. I probably do muslins for between 10% and 20% of my makes. I definitely think you can run out of crocheted items to make for yourself! Having a baby opens up a new world of projects and thankfully none of them take too long!

  2. Love the little jackets! They make me want to crochet one for myself, like in my own size 🙂 And how on earth did you get so far along in your pregnancy so fast? Didn’t you just announce it like two days ago … at least it feels that way to me. Time does fly, and you look great!

    • me too! I kinda want the last one in my size but not sure I’d have the patience to do it! I know – it’s mad how time has flown – ten more weeks and I’m baked!

  3. aaww, that is the cutest picture! they do get big so fast – when bubs is born you’ll never be able to imagine them fitting the big sizes but it comes around so quickly! thanks for the source on the tracing paper – i have been wanting to try it but it seems so expesnive. i normally use greaseproof paper from the supermarket which is about £1.50 for a 20m roll (but isn’t really wide enough for a lot of pattern pieces, especially skirts.

  4. I echo earlier thoughts….would love grown up cardis like your crocheted gems, so cute. And you? Looking great!! Love that we have all been in a time warp whilst you’ve been nurturing!

  5. Those sweaters are so-o-o-o dear, every one of them! You look fabulous!! And – so glad to hear you’re getting started on that soon-to-be gorgeous coat!

  6. Aaaw Joanne, your bump’s adorable! And you’re gonna have one lucky kido with all those gorgeous crochet cardigans. You’re so talented and so fast with the ole crochet, I’m super impressed!

  7. Oh Joanne, these look so cute and beautiful!! Your skills are definitely getting more and more stellar with each one! Haha, Gracie is so cute; she wants to know why mummy looks different! You’re looking amazing! It seems to be going by so fast!! ^__^

  8. Check out the way your mad cardigan making skills are evolving! I really like the baby shell one it is so sweet. Can’t wait to see your coat 😀 Looking great even though Gracie seems someone confused 😀

  9. The last cardi looks fab. Makes me want to make one too! Now I understand your saying the belly has exploded 😉 you look great as always. Thanks for the tip on paper. I have a rather sturdy roll that was made specially for us. But would love to give yours a try

  10. Oh what a fantastic belly! You look beautiful! Those cardigans are adorable, I can’t get over how tiny that first one is!! And the shell patterning is really exquisite on the last.

  11. Aw look at your gorgeous bump Joanne, where’s that popped up from?! I love your little evolution of cardigans. It reminds me of a whole range of little baby boots I was given for my youngest, all in different sizes. I wish I’d taken a photo of them now! x

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