Stop press: New sewing accessory range at John Lewis!

So I made my usual lunchtime pilgrimage to John Lewis yesterday to stock up on wool and generally just lust after fabrics and whatnot in the haberdashery dept, when I was quite literally stopped. in. my. tracks. after witnessing the wonder and awe that is the new ‘Vintage by Hemingway’ range of sewing accessories exclusively for John Lewis.

I’ve been looking for something to keep my growing collection of yarn and crochet hooks in. I did have my heart set on a vintage style knitting basket (basically a fabric bag set on a wooden frame), but then I saw THIS:

Vintage by Hemingway Sewing/Knitting box

Isn’t it amazing? I love the superbly elegant art deco illustration and check out the inside print!

Filled with crochet goodies!

There’s loads of room for wool, needles, accessories – all sorts. And it stands up beautifully on my Edwardian fireplace…

On the fireplace...

At £30 I think this is a bit of steal. There are similarly vintage-style purses and bags priced from about £9 I think. I wish I could show you the full range but I can’t seem to find it online.

I wonder if the release of the range has something to do with the new 1920s-style ad campaign by John Lewis? Wouldn’t it make a perfect gift for a fellow stitcher? Oh why can’t there be some sort of community place where significant others and family members of us seamsters can go to get ideas of what to get us for Christmas and birthdays? I suppose Amazon wish list is a bit like that as I think you can add items that aren’t necessarily sold on Amazon. Does anyone know of any specifically crafty alternatives though?* I would be amazed if someone bought this for me, but too late as I simply had to have it, there and then!

* Flash of inspiration later – what about a shared Pinterest board!!?? I may have to set one up immediately (sighs at potential hours wasted invested in setting up of said board).

24 thoughts on “Stop press: New sewing accessory range at John Lewis!

  1. Terrible pun alert: They sew us coming!

    Not bad, JL.

    But I’m really glad you treated yourself, after making that perfect cardigan and matching booties! Can’t wait to see them on the little model.

  2. Pinterest….very addictive. lol!
    I’m glad I didn’t imagine it. I thought I was the only one who’s seen that advert. I just love all the things the 20’s girl wears.

  3. Oh Joanne, what have you done?!? I need this in my life pretty much straight away and the worst thing is…we have a John Lewis in Leicester! It’s beautiful!!!

  4. One of my Pinterest boards is a ‘realistic wish list’ board, where I place the craft things….patterns,, needles, yarn or whatever…..that I’m hoping to acquire. I’ve only recently started using Pinterest, so my wishlist board doesn’t have much on it yet, but I’m working on it! LOL!

  5. Well there we go…surely your own range of vintage inspired sewing accessories is your new business venture?!! i also thnk u need to do a granny squares vlog to set us all on the road to crochet enlightenment & also so we cn chk out your belly! Xx

  6. It’s a very lovely bag, but I bought something similar in plain black and in the same design (mine is more rounded with a smaller flat base), and what looks a little wider too than yours, from a charity shop for £2.99. It doesn’t have the pockets in the lid but I’m sure I could fit those. As for the design, I’m thinking some in the lines of skull and crossbones where the bones are knitting needles.

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