The Winter Coat: What fabric to choose?

Thank you all for your fabulous feedback on the Winter Coat patterns I highlighted a couple of posts ago. With your sensible and stylish advice I have settled on (and purchased)…

Simplicity 5148

Yep – Simplicity 5148. I loved this pattern from the off – the collar, the pockets, the chance to make the buttons really stand out. I loved Simplicity 6977 too but I felt that it was a touch too formal for me. It would be perfect as a coat for a bit of a do like a wedding, but for everyday comfort and style it was 5148 all the way. Plus, as Karen pointed out in her infinite wisdom, “I can hear my Mum’s voice as I say this, but… Are four buttons more practical than one? ” YES you’re damn right they are Karen my love! But they’re also more FUN!

By the time I finish this and the weather turns proper cold I will have had the baby as well so hopefully won’t have need of the extra space at the front that the one-button closure would have afforded, but a good point to make nonetheless for those of you that did!

So that’s the pattern sorted. Now for the really exciting bit – the fabric! I have ordered a bunch of swatches from one of my favourite fabric suppliers Truro Fabrics. I just love the quality of their coatings and corduroys. When I’m doing a special project and one that I want to last (like here and here) I tend to go upmarket and swallow the extra cost. I think it’s worth it in the long run.

So without further ado, here are the contenders:

Pure wool coating - Coral Herringbone (£15.50 per metre)

Pure wool coating – Coral Herringbone (£15.50 per metre)

Wool blend coating - Muted Turquoise (£18.50 per metre)

Wool blend coating – Muted Turquoise (£18.50 per metre)

Pure wool - Clover (£16.00 per metre)

Pure wool – Clover (£16.00 per metre)

Pure wool coating - Magenta (£15.50 per metre)

Pure wool coating – Magenta (£15.50 per metre)

Wool blend coating - Teal (£17.50 per metre)

Wool blend coating – Teal (£17.50 per metre)

Wool blend coating - Grass green (£12.50 per metre)

Wool blend coating – Grass green (£12.50 per metre)

Which is your favourite? I’m wavering between two (again!) – the grass green coating and the teal wool blend. I love all of the colours and textures but I think the magenta is just a tad too bright for everyday wear and the coral, turquoise and clover run the risk of coming up a bit grannyish in the finished garment. The teal for me is bright enough to make a statement, it’s rich and deep enough in colour to make any bright button or lining really pop and it’s my favourite. colour. ever.

Ooh I think I’ve gone and made up my mind… But I’m still excited to hear what you think! What’s your fave and why?

30 thoughts on “The Winter Coat: What fabric to choose?

  1. I do like the teal, but the muted turquoise is a bit more 3-dimensional. I’m thinking a whole jacket in that teal would look so…teal. Just flat teal. There would be a bit more going on when you’d make it in turquoise.

    The coral and clover are pretty as well, but a bit out of the comfort zone perhaps?

  2. Teal! It’s my favourite.colour.ever too! I’ve always found it hard to find until the last 12 months or so. So I would snap it up while you can. Otherwise you will always think of the teal coat you should have made. I’d rather wear it 😉

  3. I love wool coats with lots of texture, so out of your favorite two, I prefer the grass green, even though teal is also one of my favorite colors. The clover herringbone is also very nice!

  4. I have to vote for the grass green. I love the subtle coloration, and I think you could accessorize it a lot of different ways to achieven different moods. The teal is beautiful as well, but a little more “flat”.

  5. The coral herringbone for sure! I saw that and immediately thought ‘oh yes… that will look so lovely on her!’ The others are pretty, but they just aren’t ‘right’ ^__^

  6. I agree with you on the teal. i was going to go for one of the paler ones but then read your comment about the granny-ish bit and completely agree, there is that possibility.

  7. GAH!! They’re all so beautiful!! How will you choose?! I’m terribly indecisive about this sort of stuff! Although I must say the first three stood out to me – they all looked so soft, and I love a herringbone!

  8. The teal definitely jumped out to me. How exciting! This morning was definitely jacket weather and I got all excited about jacket and coat projects. So impressed by how organised you are.

    Zoe xxx

  9. I would have gone for the coral any day!!!! But between the teal and green – I’m not usually a fan of green, but the texture is just beautiful and I think lends an elegance that the teal might lack.

    Right, I’m off to check out that coral herringbone…!

    x Elisalex

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