Back from my last ever grown-ups-only hols (for a while at least)

Last week I was sunning myself in beautiful Santorini, a gorgeous Greek island famed for its cascading cliff top villages in blue and white stone and the most stunning sunsets. The husband and I had decided it was time for a sun-filled, lazy break to mark the turning point from carefree adults with more money than sense into mature, sensible (mostly broke) parents-to-be.

Oia town, Santorini

Oia town, Santorini

It was delightful to just chill out by the pool and on the beach (always within the shade of a large parasol, mind) and I brought my crochet needle with me! I managed to knock up 24 granny squares whilst away, which is almost another two rows of squares for my baby blanket. Here’s the project so far… I think perhaps another 100 or so granny squares and we’ll be done!

Baby blanket progress

Baby blanket progress

My maxiumus awesomus dress got loads of wear, being the perfect cool cover up for hot hot days. The bump is getting bigger but there’s still just enough room in the maxi for it.

Maxi et le bump!

Maxi et le bump!

So now, after two weeks of working from home throughout the Olympics and then a week on hols, it’s back to the grindstone in the office – argh! I love September though – love that back to school feeling… now I just want to sniff pencil cases and get new leather satchels and break in patent leather shoes and such like. I’ve got over 300 unread blog posts to catch up on (forgive me if I just drop in and enjoy without leaving comments!), a nightie to finish and a new dress to start work on and the prospect of a new winter coat to get excited about.

Ooh and later this week we’ll have another special guest dropping in to tell us about her handmade style. Yay!

Finally, I did an awful lot of reading over the week and I can highly recommend the following books if you’re looking for some inspiration:

  • The Book of Dave by Will Self – takes a while to get into it and you have to read some of the dialogue out loud to yourself in order for it to make sense (you’ll see) but very good and frequently funny.
  • Narcopolis by Jeet Thayill – Bombay seen through the eyes of a collection of drug addicts. Read this in just a couple of sittings. Heart breaking in places. Longlisted for Man Booker 2012.
  • Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. No – not a sewing book dear readers but a family memoir. Hilarious. If I was to write about my upbringing, I’d do it like this.
  • The Teleportation Accident by Ned Beauman. My husband enjoyed this more than I did but it was still an absorbing and riotous tale of history, literature and um… physics and teleportation! Also long listed for the Man Booker.
  • Any Human Heart by William Boyd. I started this on the plane on the way home and I can’t put it down. It’s a fictional memoir of journalist and novelist Logan Mountstuart and his passage from his teenage years between World Wars to (almost) present day. There was a TV adaptation a while back which was excellent but I think the book is even better at getting under the skin of the protagonist.

Right – recommendations over! Back to school with you all!

17 thoughts on “Back from my last ever grown-ups-only hols (for a while at least)

  1. Oooh jealous of your hols! I haven’t been anywhere in AGES lol ^__^ You & bump look fabulous in your maxi! 😀

    I totally feel ya on that back to school feeling; it’s been a long long time since I’ve been in school but I still remember the excitement of new books, pencils, pens and clothes; I love stationary stores for that reason ^__^ Probably helps that fall is my favourite season too; how can anyone resist that cool fresh air, leaves changing colour, smell of bonfire, and foggy mornings? Not I!!!! 😀

  2. Any Human Heart is one of my favourite novels! It’s utterly heartbreaking in places and includes the most vivid, terrifying picture of old age poverty I’ve ever read. As you can imagine, the section where he finds himself ruthlessly dumped by his literary agent makes my blood run cold. (I’m quite certain it’s not an uncommon story.) But there is so much to love also – all those brilliant pictures of Paris, London, New York… And what a picture of falling in love. I just love William Boyd. Thanks for the book recommendations! I love sewing blogs that talk about books read. Your holiday looks fab! So clever to take a last, lazy trip together.

    • It’s fab – I just love it. Going through it more slowly now on the morning commute. there’s nothing better than a personal book recommendation I think 🙂

  3. Oh gosh Santorini looks absolutely beautiful! Might have to add it to the list of places I’d like to go.

    The maxi dress looks great by the way, and the blanket is gorgeous!

  4. Hello! I have been enjoying your stitchings and witterings for a while, never having commented so far though. Firstly, congratulations on impending baby stitcher (or witterer?)!
    Not only do you have all those lovely maternity clothes to make but a whole world of clothes for small people too! Me and my significant other also chose three weeks backpacking on the Greek islands as our last grown up hol pre-baby, and absolutely loved Santorini. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I was not actually pregnant when we went (fast-forward a month) and we decided a fabulous idea would be to climb down and up again the steps to the harbour. At lunch time. Oh the donkeys made me blub, poor things. Anyway, just wanted to say all your sewing projects are very inspiring, I’m just about to start my own Scout. I totally agree about sniffing pencil cases too :o) Best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy and beyond! Catherine x

    • Welcome Catherine and thank you for commenting! Oh yes I felt so bad for the donkeys – they should really stop doing that. Well done for the hike though 🙂

  5. Gah!! So jealous! What a beautiful getaway!! I’m glad you got a chance to relax in beautiful places before you head back to craziness! You deserve it! Thanks for the book recs. I jotted down a few of those titles to check out next time I swing by the library.

  6. You look absolutely stunning! This post has brought me right back to my pregnancy… Last romantic trip to Sicily, floating maxi dresses, crochet and reading!! In fact, I think the last time I properly read a book was when I was pregnant!

    x Elisalex

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