The Winter Coat: What pattern to choose?

My goodness I know it’s still summer, and actually right now in London it’s hitting 30 degrees Celsius on a glorious August afternoon! But my thoughts are turning to Autumn and Winter – and more specifically – coats for Autumn and Winter.

Spurred on by the relative success of my March Minoru and encouraged by the likes of Karen in creating the most sumptuous coat ever, and Jane with her Abbey coat loveliness, I’d like to try my hand at making a classic winter coat for myself. It’ll be something to take time over as the dark nights draw in. I’m also thinking as I get too big to make any new dresses or tops for myself it’s the perfect long-term project to keep me sharp. I’d like to use a classic vintage pattern, use good quality lining and outer fabric and choose a colour that I love. So many choices!

First up – let’s look at the pattern.

Right now I’m drawn to two patterns:

Simplicity 6977

I love the sheer simplicity and minimalism of Simplicity 6977. It will be perfect for going over shift dresses, polo neck/skinny trew combos and you can really make a statement with that single button at the neck. But then there’s Simplicity 5148…

Simplicity 5148

Look at that adorable peter pan collar, raglan sleeves and welt pockets. Isn’t it just the kind of coat you can snuggle down into? I can see it over skinny jeans and knee high boots as well as smarter outfits. And four buttons to go mad over!

I have to say I found it hard finding vintage coat patterns on the internet that I liked. These are the only two that caught my eye. How about you? Know of a cute vintage or vintage-style swing/pea coat pattern with a peter pan collar that might suit the brief?

Next up – I’ll be sharing some fabulous swatches with you.

Are your thoughts turning to Autumn/Winter sewing now too?

29 thoughts on “The Winter Coat: What pattern to choose?

  1. Could you go with coat 1 but the collar of 2?
    As an aside, there’s room in 1 for baby to hide in if you go for the carrier option, but if this is for Mummy only then both would be fabulous!

  2. Both are super patterns/looks. The raglan sleeves on the second one is going to make it a little more versatile (ie., you can wear it over suit or denim jackets and heavy sweaters and those sleeves will accommodate the extra bulk), but I love the “refined” demeanor of the first one!

    Yes, I am definitely thinking Fall/Winter sewing – just ordered some wool yesterday (as if i need any more…)

  3. I think my favourite is the first one. I like the line (using my best technical sewing knowledge) that goes across the top chest of that coat, and I personally prefer the pockets on this one too. You could perhaps incorporate some hidden buttons to go down the front if you required more warmth as it gets colder (and to wear next winter when there’s no bump to provide that extra warmth!)

    That’s one thing I don’t have to consider for some time now. Just as it starts to get cooler here, I’ll be jet setting off for warmer climes in the southern hemisphere. I’m hoping to have built enough sewing experience to try my hand at a minoru come the next Australian winter!

  4. I love both and have, in fact, had that last one in my etsy cart more than once. I think the second one is more wearable. I love the single button look, but I hate when my coat blows open. I guess you could add snaps, but that kills the look when they’re undone.

  5. I love the first, very simple classic timeless lines. I would make it in a heartbeat – but will the lack of closures be an issue in winter?
    I’m aiming to make something like this for next winter in Australia – funnily enough I’ve just about finished my first Minoru, mentioned by Rachel above! Although mine is an autumn/spring weight. Just got to hem and post in a few days.
    I adore coats. I have a frightening number of them!!

  6. My sewing thoughts are gradually inching toward autumn and winter as well. I don’t think I’m anywhere near ready (or experienced!) enough to try my hand at sewing a coat anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously through you! My vote goes to Simplicity 5148.

  7. I am loving the first coat for sure. Very clean looking, no fuss, get a fabric in a glorious colour and let it be the star. Heck, get crazy and pop the Peter Pan collar onto it for added awesomeness.

  8. I must say Joanne, I really love that second one!

    I own a couple of vintage coat patterns that you’d be more than welcome to borrow if you’d like, as like Jane, I too plan on making the Abbey coat this year. Let me know if you are interested (although you already have two smashing patterns above), mine are from the 1930s & the 1960s's_7027.

    • Oh Marie I really love 7027 what a kind offer! Let’s see if I actually manage to get my hands on either of the patterns I’ve mentioned above (I’ve not bought them yet!) but thank you so much xxx

  9. I prefer the second. But that might be because I get cold and seeing that one button I instantly think “brrr”.

    My thoughts aren’t going to winter sewing, they’re going to spring sewing… it’s got to warm up here soon, surely…

  10. Oh larks! Yet again we seem to have similar sewing goals. I’ve also found it difficult to source a pattern that I like…only ever seen one ( the one that Zoe on sozo made)….but yours are both gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your fabric choices too 🙂

  11. I think they are both great but would go with the first ones…less buttonholes to do.

    Whenever the sun shines I know autumn is round the corner. So yes planning my winter wardrobe. Long sleeved blouses in pretty autumnal colours and a plain wool A-line skirt that will go with everything. Oh, and a new winter hat….a slouchy beret.

  12. Considering its been close to 110F (43c) the past couple days here my thoughts have not yet turned to cold weather sewing!! But I love the idea of you hunkering down for the winter with a lovely coat project to keep you company. My vote is for Simplicity 6977. I think it has a more exaggerated swing shape which I love in a vintage coat!

  13. I like the first but am wondering if one button is enough for warmth. I love the horizontal seam (but rather exposing …. got to get it right). For coats, I think sixties is my favorite era – lots of really structured shapes and fun, graphic cuts and seaming. Doesn’t mean I think I could make one though, so I’m full of admiration!

  14. Hi again! After reading so many replies which question the practicality of the single button coat, I thought you might want to see what I did with a single button, swing coat (raincoat, actually) – by adding a hidden button and tab. Go to my blog, then to the “Chance of Sprinkles” post – you could definitely use this idea on coat #1.

  15. This post has made me want to get on with my coat more than ever, once I can get rid of my kids that is! My preference is for the second one. I saved up last year and treated myself to a gorgeous coat from Jagaer that’s almost identical in style to the second pattern. I’ve got a horror of looking pregnant when I’m not and was worried that this would be the case but no, it looks fab and I always receive compliments when I wear it. So that would definitely get my vote. Good luck love!
    And finally, I’m going to agree with Karen, her mother and probably my mother too by saying aren’t five buttons better than one?! x

  16. Both look amazing. I love 60s coat patterns for the way they make such a statement with the buttons, as you wrote about. I agree, I’ve found it really tricky to find decent vintage coat patterns, but the two you have are ace. You are very wise starting to think about this, coat sewing projects take so long don’t they?!

    Zoe xxx

  17. I love them both! But if you should choose only one I would prefer the Simplicity 6977 coat. Reminds me of the Jackie Onassis. This look is very elegant. You are spot on, this coatwould be perfect to wear over a shift dress. Add stockings and Mary Janes to the look and it will be perfect.

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