Another Walthamstow haul

On Saturday morning I had a bit of time spare before my in-laws came for a flying visit, so what better way to while away a couple of hours than nip over to Walthamstow market for a quick fabric hoover?

I had a £50 budget and came away with over 23 metres of new prints and a tenner change thankyouverymuch. I was after some jersey and some interesting/quirky prints for pretty dresses. Was Walthamstow up to the challenge? You betcha. Here’s the haul:

Three metres each of this adorable swiss dot in hot pink and lavender. I’m going to draft a simple nightie using the neck yoke and gathered neckline of New Look 6864.

Bargain: £1.50/metre

Three metres of this pretty red star-spangled jersey knit, to be used for New Look 6802.

Bargain: £2/metre

Two metres of this black star-spangled jersey, to be used either for Renfrew or Rie. Can’t decide. May have to buy more jersey!

Bargain: £2/metre

The love affair with petrol blue and polkadots continues with this pretty cotton – three metres were purchased. For any possible number of future projects.

Bargain: £2/metre

Gasp! In tribute to Team GB’s amazing success at the old rowing and boating malarkey I’ve snapped up this cute sailing boat fabric – no idea what it is though. I’m positive it’s man-made but it has a lovely drape and a soft almost velvety feel to it. A pretty shift possibly?

Bargain: £1.50/metre

Forgive the dull pic – this is much prettier in real life. Birdy fabric – three metres of. Definitely man made and possibly quite flammable, but pretty nonetheless.

Bargain: A shocking £1/metre

And finally a fun three and a half metres of this purple/orange polkadot craziness. Disappointingly the selvedge is ripped in several places and some of the purple has washed out a bit after pre-washing… but perhaps it can be used for wearable muslins.

Bargain: £2/metre but worked out slightly less as we realised the selvedge issue in the shop so I was given a free half metre!

Not bad eh? Have you had any sewing bargains recently?

21 thoughts on “Another Walthamstow haul

  1. Oh wow, what a bargain indeed…all that for just £40!!! I particularly love the boats and birds and the polka dots…and the star-print jersey! Ok, ok, I love all of it! By the way, I also love Megan Nielsen maternity patterns, they almost make me want to get knocked up…hehe ;o)

  2. No markets with fabric where I live unfortunately (I am sooooo looking forward to my UK trip next year!!). So I comb local op & charity shops. I got lots of 60s and 70s patterns for 10 cents recently and 3.5m of pretty cotton floral for $4 – ewhich my little girls love and are fighting over, fortunately there is enough for both!

      • ah okies! i would be coming from brighton. may wait a few more weeks. just love all the pretty fabrics everyone keeps buying from there, and the prices of course! 😀

  3. Great bargains! I’d love to go to London for some fabric. Recently I discovered a great shop where I live and found exclusive italian silk over one meter for 5 euros.

  4. What bargains! Everything is at least half the price I pay in the cheapest fabric shop near me. I need to find a good market!

  5. Love the sailboat fabric! I was in Walth last week and I’m gutted I didn’t see it! Was it in one of the market stalls or the shops?

  6. Wow, you are the queen of amazing fabric bargains!!! The best deal I’ve ever got on fabric is about $5/m but that’s pretty rare, it’s usually more like $7 or $8, and that’s on a really good sale day LOL

    My favourites are the swiss dot, and the flammable birdy fabric – this should keep you busy for a while! ^__^

  7. Lordy – I actually bought the bird print and considered but rejected the polka dot print last weekend 🙂 I bought a hilarious chiffon champagne bottle print on green instead…

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