That was the week that was

It’s a sunny Sunday morning here in London – the end to a perfect week of beautiful weather and loads of exciting stuff going on.

If you don’t know by now, the Olympics came to London this week and the torch relay did the rounds of every borough in the city in the run up to the opening ceremony. (BTW did you watch it on Friday night? Bonkers and brilliant!) The torch visited Alexandra Palace on Thursday night so we headed up the hill to see it go past.

Torch at Alexandra PalaceUm – I took lots of pics but not one of them had the torch in it. See that guy in the white tracksuit? He’s holding the torch – in his RIGHT HAND, which is OUT OF THE FRAME!

My mum was staying with me this week so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to enjoy a day by the seaside. Brighton beach!

Brighton beachWhilst in Brighton we took a stroll through through the North Laines and came upon Ditto fabrics. well of course I had to nip in and check out their sale which isn’t available online. I picked up three metres of this cute elephant print viscose for just over ยฃ15. It has a lovely silky drapey feel to it.

Elephant print viscoseWe also found a brilliant bric-a-brac shop in North Laines, where I came upon a fantastic collection of vintage buttons and threads. I picked up these little babies.

Vintage threadsFinally, I promised my mum ย that I would knock her up a Colette Violet while she was here, and I managed to do it! Here’s Jean proudly modelling her very own bespoke blouse, made with cherry blossom cotton from Fabric Tales, all the way from Japan! Hope you like your blouse, Mum! It was my first bout of selfless sewing in a while and I loved it. xxx

Mum is her Colette Violet


16 thoughts on “That was the week that was

  1. You’re not the only one to leave out the torch. My friend was a torchbearer and I was so awestruck by her abillity to look fantastic in a white tracksuit that all my photos frame her to the top of the hand…

    Great job on your mum’s blouse. Not only does it suit her, you’ve done a great job with the fit.

      • Given the theme of the Opening Ceremonies (it’s the people!), I think there’s an art piece there…collect lots of photos of torch-missing runners. I’m a Yank who loved the OCs, btw, and am using them to litmus-test my acquaintances. People who get the references and loved the quirkiness get coolness points. (Anybody know how the dove suit flapping worked? I want one for my bicycle.)

      • Ah yes, did you see that the riders were moving slowly up and down above their handlebars? I think there was a string/pulley system going on there that then moved the wings – that was such an awesome section, along with Arctic Monkeys singing Come Together!

  2. Haha, I love that you managed to chop off the torch. That’s something I would do.

    Your mum looks so cute in her blouse! I am a very selfish sewist and the only time I make things for other people is when I make clothes for my kids. Which is pretty much vicariously sewing for myself I guess!

  3. I love the torchless pic! It’s funny there’s so much build up you’d think you’d be well prepared for many shots, but its over and gone before you know it!! I yearn for that ellie disclose and am liking your latest violet…gorgeous fabric, lucky mum ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aren’t the Olympics great eh?! Loved the opening ceremony too. Missing the torch off your photo is nothing – I didn’t even remember my camera when we saw the torch come through Ealing (duh)!
    Your mum’s Violet blouse looks like a perfect fit, it’s such a neat style isn’t it? And I totally love that fabric from Fabric Tales, hhhmm you’re tempting me now! Glad you had a lovely week with your mum Joanne. x

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