Not one… but two packages. What fun!

Amazing! Not only did I pop along to the post office to find my sewing swap package from Leah had arrived, I also received an unexpectedly early package in the post this morning. I am now the proud owner of no less than ten new patterns and a bunch of other wonderful bits and bobs!

First up – Leah’s package. Don’t you just love packages? Especially international ones. They make me feel so excited and childlike. I love sending them, but I especially love receiving them.

Leah's package

I was so not disappointed. Leah had gifted me with not one but three stunning vintage patterns. A glamorous slip from Butterick, a sophisticated skirt from McCalls and the most darling dress from Simplicity. Plus she included over two metres of some fabulous fabric, a vintage zip (from her grandmother’s attic no less) and 100 yards of seam binding! 100 yards! Seam binding! I’m so chuffed. Thank you so much Leah and I hope you enjoy your package as much as I did mine.

Leah's package

The goodies inside

After my announcement and plea for patterns that wouldn’t make me feel like a ten tonne Tessie, Dibs of Dibs and the Machine got in touch and said she had a couple of maternity patterns to send over and would I send her my address. Um, do I need to be asked twice?

Dibs is obviously the most efficient person ever; I only gave her my address a few days ago and today a bumper parcel arrived in the post with SEVEN amazing maternity patterns. Check them out!

Haul from Dibs

Seven stunning maternity patterns

I am speechless. These are all fantastic and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’m torn between the Kwik Sew dress and the Burda tunic on the left. Thank you so much Dibs. You are a queen.

Once again, and I know this is said a lot in this community but I for one feel it can’t be said enough, I am blown away by the kindness and largesse of you seamsters out there. What a brilliant Saturday morning it’s been, and it’s only 12.20!

I hear the sun is coming out tomorrow in London (we’ve all forgotten what it looks like here) so I’m hoping I’ll finally get a chance to model the maxi dress I’ve been promising you for so long.


17 thoughts on “Not one… but two packages. What fun!

  1. Aw aren’t sewing bloggers just the best?! And Dibs is such a sweetie. Your swap parcel looks awesome, I can’t wait for mine to arrive now! Ooooh, just spotted something exciting in your picture – the Simplicity pattern with the flowery dress on the front is the same pattern Kestrel Finds and Makes just used for her latest dress. It’s a bit like the Peony and absolutely beautiful, you lucky thing! X

  2. I made the top left Butterick pattern when I was pregnant with my younger son and it was very comfortable. Just beware of ease, if you think there’s a lot of ease in Big 4 regular patterns you’ll be totally blown away by how much they add to maternity patterns! Yes, you do need more room in the bust and the stomach but some of them can turn out a bit tent-like if you don’t make a size smaller than they suggest!

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  4. What a lovely package! I got seam binding in my swap parcel too and am also really looking forward to using it πŸ™‚ And yep, that’s the SImplicity pattern I recently made. I love it so much I gave my Peony pattern to a friend!

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