From here to maternity…

Thank you all for your amazing comments on my recent announcement. It really brings a  warm glow to my heart when I think of all the well-wishers out there in blog land smiling at my news and taking a moment to wish me and the bump the best! Sigh and sniff indeed.

You also totally came through when I pleaded for pattern suggestions that wouldn’t make me look like a tent. They came thick and fast – beautiful maternity styles, the cutest empire line dresses, bloggers who’ve tackled maternity patterns and tons of tips on sewing with jersey. It’s really made me consider getting an overlocker, something I have always promised myself when I got good enough and had lots of projects under my belt. Now seems like an opportune time. I’ve already picked out my model – the Brother 1034 as recommended by Karen as well as countless other bloggers. I have yet to buy though… I’m still thinking about it!

So here’s a round up of some of your fabulous suggestions. Note – they’re not just for preggers peeps!

Non-maternity patterns

Lindsay suggested New Look 6803. A great little pattern with plenty of room for growth and the option for just a tunic or a dress.

New Look 6803

Clare pointed out that New Look 6802 could be adapted for breastfeeding as well as providing a flattering fit around the bust. I’d really have to up my jersey sewing skillz for this one, but I LOVE the twisty feature at the front – so cute.

New Look 6802

Marianna suggested Burda 7378 and I have to say I’m a bit smitten with this one, though I have yet to tackle a Burda pattern! Can you believe it? I’m a Burda virgin! A Burgin, if you will. Isn’t the maxi version so glam?

Burda 7378

Ginger popped up with New Look 6022 – another great little casual shift dress that could be shortened into a top. Not sure about that drawstring pouch though!

New Look 6022

Abby suggested altering New Look 6557 slightly to accommodate a growing bump. I love the halter top but not sure if my sewing skills are up to the adaptations to the rest of the dress if I’m honest. Maybe one for post baby body inspiration?  Doesn’t the top remind you on Jane’s gorgeous Cherry Fabulous dress?

New Look 6557

Kat H recommended the Danielle dress from Burda with its empire bust and loose skirt. Cute shape isn’t it?

Burda - Danielle

Maternity patterns

In terms of actual maternity patterns, Megan Nielsen is a firm favourite. Loads of you suggested checking out her lines of separates, especially the Wrapped Maternity top, as recommended by Tilly.

Megan Nielsen Maternity top

Actually I’ve already been checking out her designs and they are so, so cute. I already have the Rie dress (which can also be shortened into a top) which I think I simply have to try next, but this top is inching up the waiting line already. Here’s the Rie dress if you’re not familiar with it.

Rie by Megan Nielsen

Maternity bloggers

Huzzah! Brave women have been there and done that already, some of them multiple times! I got loads of suggestions from you on sewing bloggers to get inspired by so I’ll be adding them to my reader immediately.

Once again – thanks so much for being such a lovely bunch of big-hearted women. Most appreciated xxx


22 thoughts on “From here to maternity…

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful news, from a new-ish follower!

    I’ve recently made the Danielle dress from Burda, and can highly recommend it. I’m not pregnant, but I think the style of the dress would definitely work as maternity wear.

  2. A lovely round up, but don’t dismiss the drawstring pouch, unattractive as it may seem. You’ll need it when the baby comes, for nappies, wipes and whatnot.
    Or else, end up like me: carrying things in your teeth!

  3. Congratulations on the news… Didn’t sew any maternity clothes myself when I was pregnant and relied on RTW garments… big mistake! Basics are ok, but anything else made me feel like a tent!! Suggest sticking to clothes which you can easily adapt after pregnancy… after all, you’re only pregnant for 9 months and you want your sewing effort to be worth it! 🙂 I just had the brother 1034 d delivered (also after Karen’s and Tilly’s reviews)… still have to try it out though… Ps sorry for the long comment 😉

  4. Pretty much all the jersey tops from Jalie are also maternity styles i.e. have patterns pieces included for a maternity fit option(so you don’t have to modify anything). And congratulations!

  5. OOh how exciting…see i am preggers too….20 weeks…with my cough cough…FIFTH! I know crazy…but wonderfully crazy! Anyway…for number four…i made the “turn around the room” dress by blogger Mad Mim I was a total beginner and this was my first jersey attempt and it was a synch…u will love it! Only alteration i made, was to shorten it…well when you are a prego-saurus up top sometimes you need to get your pegs out just to prove you have some…even if you can’t see them anymore!! xx

  6. Oh my goodness – I’m so far behind on my blogging reading that I’ve only just heard your wonderful news! Congratulations!!!! I’m so delighted for you and look forward to seeing all your gorgeous maternity sews – you will no doubt be a very stylish m-t-b!

  7. oooh, congratulations. I sewed and refashioned quite a few maternity clothes last autumn, blogged here: I have found Anna Maria Horner’s mariposa dress a good pattern – it’s a wrap dress or tunic which works well for breastfeeding as well as pregnancy. But I made it in jersey not woven cos I am awkward like that 🙂 Seriously though I think it’s more useful in jersey. Good luck with the pregnancy.

  8. Gawd there are so many lovely maternity patterns out there, makes me almost wish I was preggers too (not really!) Interestingly, I’m also a Burgin, I’ve bought a couple of patterns and printed them out but just can’t be arsed to piece them all together AND add seam allowance!
    Can’t wait to see what you make. Joanne. Xx

  9. aww, congratulations. I suggest you start early coz I kept pushing my sewing projects forward and then was sick so could not really sew. I have some patterns which I did not use. Can you send me your address, and I will drop them in the post for you.

  10. Congratualtions on the awesome news, I love the wrapped maternity top looks like it’d be great for the colder months too (actually wil you even still be pregnant then?).

  11. What an exciting challenge! Likely not as much as the one in your near future, but fun nonetheless! I love all these patterns and I can see them looking great as they are, but even cuter with the bump ^____^ Good choices! Can’t wait to see you wearing them proudly! ^___^

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