Works in progress

It’s been all go here at S&W towers. I’ve been busy this week crocheting up a storm, whilst the weather continues to NOT play ball. Bad weather, naughty weather. It’s June. Why have I got the heating on again?

I had crocheted about 120 little granny squares and had started to despair that I’d be crocheting into my pension years before I had enough to make a blanket… until I had the (durr) brainwave of adding an extra outer rim of ivory wool to make them bigger – hence less squares required! Genius? No. Genius for me? Yes.

Woollen loveliness

In fact I much prefer them with this lovely soft ivory outline – it should lighten the whole look of the blanket. I’ve started stitching a few together using a basic blanket stitch. I reckon 12 by 12 squares ought to do it. The wool is gorgeous soft merino by Millamia of Sweden but by god it’s expensive stuff. Just one ball sets you back about £5.50 and there’s already at least 14 balls in here. Cripes! And to think I bought a massive crocheted throw off Etsy for about £20 recently.

I’ve almost finished another sewing project – I downloaded this simple kimono pattern from Salme Patterns:

Kimono Salme Patterns

I figured I could easily shorten it to make tops as well as the dress, but first up – the dress! Here’s a sneaky peek.


I’ve used some gorgeous Marc Jacobs crepe de chine I’ve had in my stash for a couple of months. I just love these colourful parrots. I seem to be developing a taste for birdy fabric!

It’s also fully lined with this sumptuous silky plum lining which really bolsters the dress’ volume and makes you feel all slinky when you slip it on. I just have to hem it now. More pics to come later this week hopefully!

Kimono lining

Hope you’re all having wonderful weekends wherever you are. xxx

28 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. Oh wow! Your afgan is going to be lovely!
    And I’m happy to see someone working on that kimono dress… i bought the short-sleeved version a month ago, but I just can’t figure out what fabric to make it from! Yours looks like it drapes beautifully… Maybe I need to be brave and use something lux as well! Can’t wait to see the finished project! 🙂

    • Thanks Gillian 🙂 I was umming and ahhing between the top and the dress but thought at least if I get the dress I can have a go at shortening it. I do think a silky fabric is perfect for it so gawn – do it lux!

  2. Aaah, your granny squares are wonderful and the added cream really does lift the colour-scheme! I went to crochet classes early this year and I was so rubbish! All I wanted to learn was granny squares and by the time I made a really nice one, I’d forgotten how to do it by the week after :o(

    Your dress is looking very yummy…I just love Salme patters!

    • Awh Marie if I lived near you I’d come and show you. My friend Bridie taught me how to do it but it took three separate sessions and a lot of wine before it sunk in. I ONLY know how to crochet these squares. I also found that some youtube tutorials were very good – maybe worth another go? There’s no substitute for someone just doing it in front of you though.

  3. BIRDS!! Love ’em! I haven’t seen that Salme pattern before, but it’s so simple and elegant! I’m way excited to see the finished dress! And I think you’ve come up with a very elegant solution re: the granny squares! Nicely done!

    • Ain’t birds the best! Am so happy with my granny squares solution – much as I love making them I don’t to spend the rest of my life on this project…!

  4. Glad to see the crocheting is really coming along. Definitely think the extra cream row lifts it too. Marie, if you live east London way would be happy to show you how to do it…..

  5. Love the old granny squares! They’re so satisfying to make aren’t they? I know what you mean about the cost of wool though, crochet tends to use so much too. I’ve started using acrylic instead of wool and have found that patons smoothies is a nice one, it’s got a nice soft feel and a bit of a shine to it too. Costs around £2.95 a ball – a LOT cheaper! I know wool purists would scoff but I actually find acrylic a bit easier to work with, plus its machine washable!

  6. I love that parrot fabric!! LOOOVE IT! And I LOVE that style of easy dress. SO MUCH! Like if I ever see you wearing it I’ll tackle you at the knees and strip it off you while I run away cackling madly – thats the sort of craziness it inspires in me. Just and FYI.

  7. I love the colours in your granny squares, the ivory was a good choice and the birdy fabric is lovely, can’t wait to see the final dress!

  8. PS I managed to resist for about 24 hours but I’ve just gone and bought the pattern 🙂 It was a such a cute style and I’ve got loads of stretch that I could make some nice basic one for work. Your parrot one my dear though is going to be uber glamourous! xxx

  9. What a beautiful birdy dress, look forward to the big reveal. I’ve been crocheting too! I was getting into a muddle with my granny squares though, so I’m doing a big bit of double crochet to get my tension sorted. Love the look of your blanket, it will be so snuggly!

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