Women! Know your place!

I simply had to share this – some vintage Pathé footage of a Butlins holiday camp competition.

The challenge? To make your own bikini from scraps of fabric and a bit of string, then model it proudly as 100 men in dodgy shorts look on lustily.  Nice.

Although it’s all terribly sexist and objectifying, when you compare it to today’s wet t-shirt competitions and worse… it all seems rather modest and innocent, non? If entirely wrong of course. You’ll find no nostalgia for sepia-toned sexism round here.

8 thoughts on “Women! Know your place!

  1. LOL that’s funny and sad all at once… dodgy shorts indeed! YEUCH!! lol.

    At least the boyfriends helped? 😛 ^__^

    Love how all the “winner” gets is a teensy tiny cup smaller than her bikini, and a vigourous smooch from the shifty gentleman holding the competition… i hope this was for charity or something, at least LOL.

  2. Ahhh, it was a different age! I worked at Butlins for a couple of summers in the seventies, but I think this particular competition had fallen by the wayside! Loved the white frock with red roses, worn by one of the contestants

  3. I got a good laugh out of this one! Though I have to admit I was more interested in the girl’s hair and day clothes than the bikinis. 😉 (Clever as it is, to fashion them out of nothing. Though not sure about the parading around like that…)

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