MMM ’12: Week 4 in pics

Oh May, will you EVER end? But there again, with weather like this, do we want it to? Here’s my round-up of last week’s outfits (with a few newcomers not seen before in May – hooray!).

MMM 2012 week 4

Monday: I haven’t worn it in ages and I can’t think why because it’s so sweet! The Whale of a Time blouse, here worn with grey trews and Mango cardy.

Tuesday: The pollkadot Scout tee worn with matching/clashing (you decide?) polkadot yellow scarf  and navy trews.

Wednesday: The trusty Violet makes what must be its 3rd or 4th outing this month.

Thursday:  It was so hot on this day that a tee-shirt was the only answer so I grabbed my faithful Robot bag as my me-made item today.

Friday: A quickly thrown together scout tee made from just 70cms of slinky knit fabric! Yet to be blogged.

Saturday: Ahh a night in with Gracie – in me-made pyjamas.

Sunday: A sneaky preview of Simplicity 2444 down the pub, my new favourite make and soon to be blogged about dress… watch this space!

We’re. Almost. There. May is a sneaky month… spread over five weeks like that. She’s no better than she ought to be as Mammy would say. I’m looking forward to the end but I feel my spirits have lifted somewhat after last week’s doldrums, not just with the advent of good weather, but also a few new (successsful) makes. Onwards!


17 thoughts on “MMM ’12: Week 4 in pics

  1. Holy guacamole Sunday’s dress is looking divine! Looking forward to that write up. So impressed how you’ve managed to photograph every day – at that I have failed *miserably*

    • Ah don’t you be worrying about that Elisalex – I’m just in the middle of reading about your new venture so I’m not surprised you’ve not managed to photo every day! Very exciting indeed!!! Yay!!! Now back to reading about your grand master plan…

  2. You look gorgeous as usual Joanne and I’m dying to see more of your new makes that made an appearance! Yay for grainline studio patterns and the scout in a knit too?!? Good work! Now your dress on Sunday is looking delicious, but excitingly, I have that fabric too…only I opted for the dusky pink version! Isn’t it amazing! It’s great that I get to see it made up before I cut into mine ;o)

  3. oh, I have some of the same fabric you used for your Sunday dress. Keep pulling it out and looking at it but have yet to decide what to make. I’ve only got 2 metres of it and it’s quite narrow so probably will end up as yet another shirt but can’t settle on one! Lovely looks this week!

  4. Whales! F
    Fabulous! 😀
    And I am very interested in the new dress as that fabric has been winking at me for a couple of months now and I was wondering about its drapiness (or not).

    • well I wouldn’t say it was drapey to be honest with you. Perfect for a gathered skirt but probably not for something slinkier as I imagine it travelling up your leg, getting a bit creased and not sitting just right.

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