MMM ’12: Week 3 in pics

Almost on the home stretch! Here’s my round-up of this week’s wears:

Me Made May 12: Week 3

Yeeesss, you might notice that this week starts on Tuesday. I don’t know what happened to Monday. Either I forgot to take a pic or I’ve inexplicably lost the pic I took or I spent Monday in a coma. I’m pretty sure I was wearing me-made – I just have no idea what!

Anyway – here we are with the deets:

Monday: Blip-edy-doo-daaa…

Tuesday: So long seersuckers dress with grey cardy and grey tights

Wednesday: A Colette extravaganza! Violet and ginger with Mango cardy

Thursday: Fave outfit of the week – scout tee with Mango blazer and skinny navy trews

Friday: Upcycled cardy with jeans

Saturday: Upcycled Monsoon dress (yes that’s a knitted lamp-post-warmer right there!)

Sunday: Polkadot smock top with cream Oasis cardy and jeans

I’m getting a wee bit fed up now seeing myself in the same stuff every week, but am determined to see it through. I still feel like I’ve not quite got the hang of it this year and haven’t got the time to really put thought into my outfits. Plus I feel like I’ve worn all these things so much already (in advance of MMM) that I’m not making some extra special effort.

Ideally I’d be wearing the stuff that’s not worn so frequently – like all the dresses I’ve made. But they’re just not right for work! The weather hasn’t helped to be honest – I think we’re all feeling a little grey here in the UK – May seems to have cheated us!

How are the rest of you getting on?


13 thoughts on “MMM ’12: Week 3 in pics

  1. Say what you like missus, but I’m enjoying seeing your lovely outfits even if you do feel bored of them yourself! It’s great that you feel like that in a way as it means you get good wear out of your self-made clothes…you just need to make more now ;o) I totally agree with your comments on the weather, I’m so fed up with it and it’s making me feel so blue…seems like it’ll never get brighter :o(

  2. You’re filling the brief, despite being bored. Not your fault the weather is as it is, so you can’t wear your dresses. Are there any dresses you could get away with wearing with a cardi or a pair of tights? Perhaps you could do that. Not long to go now.

    • Yes I must think of the positive! Hmm not really on the dresses – one is vintage silk so not suitable for anything other than evening do and the other is wool and scratchy! I love it but it’s not for May!

  3. Yarn bomb! . Spotted it before you potted it XD You need to do more outdoor pics. Also, just wear tunics/ dresses with jeans underneath I do that when it gets cold (also I ride a scooter and there’s no way in hell I’m doing the freeway in tights XD). You can style stuff up differently with scarves/ mufflers/ cowls/ sunnies etc. Chin up!

  4. I got a little bored of my own outfits this week too… but I’m trying hard to rally for the end of the month! I hope your weather improves soon… we’ve had everything from near freezing to over 30C this month, and it certainly makes planning outfits difficult! I hope your weather improves soon! I’m still head over heels for your polkadot scout tee – Maybe you could knock another of those us quickly before the end of the month? Good luck!

    • It’s supposed to be improving this week Gillian 🙂 I’ve been following your MMM and you’re doing a great job, plus I’m learning Japanese as I go!

  5. Love your outfits! I’m sure not tired of seeing that adorable Scout tee! I feel the same way, though– I’m so glad I only pledged three days because I never would have made it doing every day! I’m already sick of wearing the same two tops over and over! Ack!

  6. I love your Thursday outfit too! I feel the same as you Joanne – I’m getting a bit tiered of seeing myself in the same outfits (more or less) too – although I guess that just means I should sew more, which isn’t exactly a chore!

    Hope you’re enjoying the sunny weather!

  7. I give you HUGE props for doing MMM… i think you’re doing a bang-up job looking cute and spiffy every day…. and even if you’re bored, at least you’re getting an excellent insight into your own wardrobe and what you’d like to make more of! 🙂

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