Completed project: Grainline scout tee

So I’ve basically ripped off True Bias and her lovely polka dot T-shirt for this project. Once I saw her slouchy tee I knew it would be perfect for filling that essential casual top gap I’m seeing in my me-made wardrobe. And because I’m a big ol’ plagiarist, I opted to go for spots too! I used this polyester mix from my stash. I had been keeping it for my Hazel dress but since I don’t know when I’m going to be able to start it, I thought why not use this wonderful fabric instead of letting it sit unadored in the sewing room. It’s got a lovely drape to it and I love the slightly outsized dots and this particular shade of grey.

Scout tee shirt

The pattern is available here – think it cost me less than £3 overall as you just download and print it out. Although I HATE sticking multiple A4 sheets together because this is what happens…

Stealth cat

I can haz help? Naw? Is stoopid enewayz…

Anyway – back to the pattern. It’s very easy to put together – just a front, a back, a sleeve and bias binding for the neckline, which is even helpfully added to the pattern and sized for you. It takes a couple of hours for me to knock one up but the more experienced amongst you will be knocking one of these babies out in an hour tops.

Scout tee shirt

For my next version I think I’ll reduce the width of the sleeves a touch and not take so much off the length. This could also make the perfect pattern for a slouchy sun dress if you extend it, or a great nightie. Plus you could do all sorts of experimentation with the sleeves etc.

Scout tee shirtWarning – this is not fitted in any way. There are no darts at all so if you do prefer something a bit more fitted, this pattern might not be for you. But if you’re after an easy to knock up, casual slouchy tee for lazy summer days – this is it.

18 thoughts on “Completed project: Grainline scout tee

  1. Oh it’s lovely Joanne! Such a perfect casual T. And I know exactly what you were going through with your cat – I was dealing with similar last night. Except, I had a soaking wet cat wanting to sit on a vintage pattern tissue!! Eek!!! Those kits are so cheeky!

  2. looks really nice! I made one of these the other day and I actually added 2″ to the length of it as I found it too short, funny how we’re all so opinionated about which length suits us best! Going to make a few more over time I think as it was fast to make up and has such a nice casual style!

  3. Lovely Joanne! Your fabric choice is amazing! Weirdly, I also knocked one of these tees up on Saturday…I made mine in a floral lightweight jersey and I’m pretty happy to have such a comfy addition for my wardrobe!

    • i know i just saw it this morning! Great minds my dear great minds – love yours! Oh did you get my list of vintage patterns btw? Have you picked any out yet?

  4. Oh I love this! This is just my kind of top!! I’ve been really curious about this pattern – but I also LOATHE printing and sticking together the patterns!! But sigh… this seems (ha! just typed “seams” so stupid…) to be the way of the future…

    • It’s just terrible isn’t it? That’s why I haven’t started my Victory patterns Hazel dress yet – that’s the ONLY reason! I can’t face it! I can see you in this top Sallie – you should defo do it – since it’s so simple it’s not so hideous sticking 12 or so pages together instead of 24 🙂

  5. I absolutely love this on you, Joanne! It may not be fitted but it appears to fit you perfectly and is incredibly flattering – I’m so jealous! ^__^ Love that shade of gray, it’s so pretty on you! 🙂

  6. I’m with you on the printing and sticking side of downloaded patterns, but that t-shirt is just the kind of thing I’m after so I think it might be worth it! ;D It’s good to see that someone else has to do the sticking together on the floor of their lounge too though – may table just isn’t big enough!

  7. Beautiful!! My absolute favourite type of top. Bet it would look amazing and slinkily slouchy under a high waisted skirt. Love the irregular polka dots too.

    So happy to have you popping back into my reader – I missed you last month!!

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