Tell me about it, stud…

Sandy from Grease

Let me just dream for a sec this is really me

I’m back. And I’m head to toe in black leather with fierce red lippy and a dodgy perm to boot. Ooh isn’t ONJ just fabulous? Sigh – I’d mortally wound for that waist line.

Why have I chosen Sandy from Grease? Ooh I dunno – maybe it’s because it feels like new beginnings, a transformation, a second chance. Maybe because it feels like the summer is right around the corner and if we all flip the collective bird at the rain gods we’ll get a chance to see the frickin season.  Altogether now! We’re one of a kiii-ind like doo wop…

But onto other things. You might remember I took a month-long break from blogging, citing crazy shit happening all over April. This is true. Amongst other things, I:

1. Went home for some mama love and a cuddle with the nipper nieces and nephews which was just lovely and long overdue.

2. Celebrated my 34th birthday and received all manner of amazing sewing-related goodness from my sisters – more on that another day.

3. Went to Paris for a luxury weekend (a present from the current husband for said birthday), and (get this guys) stayed in the SAME suite that the short film Hotel Chevalier was shot in. If you’re not a Wes Anderson fan you might not recognise it but it’s at the beginning of The Darjeeling Limited. The suite was awesome and we set up the ol’ tablet to play Where Do You Go to My Lovely while we gazed at Paris from the balcony. Gorgeous. The real hotel is called Hotel Raphael.

4. Spent about three hours in Montmartre’s fabric shops and FAILED to buy any fabric. I was totally overwhelmed – has that ever happened to you?

5. Celebrated my first wedding anniversary with a yummy dinner at Moro in Exmouth Market on Saturday night, again with the husband funnily enough. He keeps cropping up at these things.

So… yeh… it’s been busy round these parts recently. I did however still lurk you all via the googleweb. But what’s that you say? Did I get any sewing done? And am I ready for Me Made May 2012? To the first I say yes, but not much – there is so much more to be done. To the second I simply say:

I, Joanne of Stitch and Witter, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear at least one item made or upcycled by my own two hands each day for the duration of May 2012

Let’s get to work.

**Stubs out fag under monstrous wedge shoe, winks and exits camera left***


27 thoughts on “Tell me about it, stud…

  1. I got chills, they’re multiplyin’…….has anyone before or since EVER looked that good in painted on satin and a biker jacket. I think not baby puppy!

  2. Welcome, welcome…I’m so happy you’re back, We’ve missed you loads! And what a whirlwind of fun stuff you’ve been up to! I’m particularly envious of the Paris trip, despite the lack of fabric-buying…it happens to all of us ;o)

  3. Welcome back, lady! and happy belated birthday and anniversary! I can’t believe you got to go to Paris… lucky girl! 😀 No wonder hubby keeps popping up at events; he sounds like someone you might like to have around occasionally 😉

  4. Your April sounds fabulous. I’m glad you went out and had so many adventures. And, I’m also glad you’ll be joining in on the Me-Made May craziness. See you there!

  5. love love love ONJ’s transformation in Grease! can i say OMGOMGOMG you stayed in the suite where Hotel Chevalier was filmed???!!!! so so terribly envious, that view was amazing!!

  6. Hoorah! You were sorely missed young lady. Ah I just love the look on John Travolta’s face when he sees ON-J all tarted up with her satin leggings and perm. It’s one of my favourite moments in Grease. Must get my husband to read this post and pick up some tips on spoiling his wife too! Lots of love. xxx

  7. I live right around the corner from those Montmartre fabric shops. It is totally overwhelming, especially if you aren’t used to the French way of doing things. The key is to go in with no expectations and just let it flow. And don’t bother asking for flannel. The French don’t do flannel.

    • You lucky thing Marchelle. Imagine having that on your doorstep, never mind living in such a pretty part of Paris. LOVE the fact that the French don’t do flannel – how very French!

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I read a couple of years back that ONJ can’t get into those pants anymore either!
    I dreamt about being that shape when I was young enough to carry it off – raise a glass for real women.

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