Completed project: A teal Ginger

A teal corduroy Ginger

Well, I’d like to say I did a better job of the zip on this version than I did on the Ginger Bodgers… and I did… to begin with! Unfortunately I did it rather too well, with the annoying result that it was really tough pulling the zipper head up and down the teeth. Eventually, dear readers, it broke right in the middle of hemming the damn thing. I’d finished everything else, so heavy was my heart as I took the seam rippers to the zip. Luckily enough I had another concealed zip in the same colour.

I basically did a total hack job – ripping out the zip and just a bit of the top facing. It was SUCH a hack that my zipper left a good inch of fabric waving free at the top, so it was time for a hook and eye. Needless to say – the zip wasn’t so invisible now…

Ginger zip

Eurgh – I think I’ll leave invisible zippers for a while. They are not my friends. Hope you had a lovely Easter peeps!

A teal corduroy Ginger

P.S. Have you seen the new patterns from Sarai at Colette patterns? Gorgeous huh? My favourite is Lily – so retro-glamorous. What’s yours?

27 thoughts on “Completed project: A teal Ginger

  1. Who cares about the zip when the skirt looks so fab! It’s gorgeous and you look fab in it. My favourite new Colette pattern is also the Lily dress – so sexy! X

  2. I love your skirt, lovely colour and the zip looks fine! My new favorite Colette pattern is the Iris shorts.

  3. Frankly I’m in awe of anybody who can get a zip in at all! I managed to do it perfectly on first attempt – and the skirt was too big! Have now unpicked the entire thing (no other way to fix it given the pattern) and have lost the plot, am psyching myself up to have another go. It was clearly a total fluke first time round. Love the colour of your skirt, the zip doesn’t even notice. I think ‘Hazel’ is my favourite pattern, it’s the striped version that caught my eye.

  4. Zip woes or no zip woes, this is one heck of a gorgeous Ginger Joanne! I just love the shorter length – it’s made me want to run to my wardrobe and take my own Gingers up by a couple of inches! I think Lily’s my favourite too by the way!

  5. I love your teal Ginger, I recently made a Ginger in some red pinwale cord and was very pleased with my zipper until I realised I had made the same mistake and it was catching all the way up. I actually decided to leave mine as I could get it half way down but it does take a bit of jumping around in the morning to get my skirt on. The other thing I noticed when I made this out of cord was that the waist band that I put the inerfacing on shrunk and I couldn’t line up the seams on one side. It could have been a malfunction at the cutting stage but this is my fourth Ginger and I had never had this happen before. Oh well I still love it. My favourite new Colette pattern is the Lily, but unfortunately the weather has turned a bit cold here and winter is on its way so it may be sometime before I can justify making it.

  6. The skirt looks pretty. Re the zip, I would sew over it again, no need for unpicking. I’ve given up on my invisible zipper foot – it started to malfunction somehow. I now use my regular zipper foot and it gives me more control 🙂

  7. Leave it aside for a while and then look at it with fresh eyes, and it’ll look prettier =). I find seam tape to be a massive help for putting in invisible zippers. Baste up the seam, iron open. Then rip out the basting thread and use seam tape to iron on the zipper tape over the seam (exactly). Let it cool then sew. The seam tape dissolves out in the wash. You can get soluble seam tape from Clover (I think the Nancy Zieman brand sell it too among others).

  8. Oh I love this skirt! So sweet and the color is amazing. Invisible zippers and I are not best friends forever, I just find them rather fussy, no matter what anyone says.

    My favorite is the Lily. I totally bought it. Do I need it? No, of course not. But it’s mine now…though the Iris shorts are darling.

  9. You could try sewing your zipper by hand with backstitching. It may be easier to control. To line up the waistband I normally baste the zipper in place on one side, then close the zipper and tack the other zipper leg (to mark where the waistband point should fall). I then stitch by machine. That said I mananged to mess up the alignment by 2 mm just the other day!

  10. This is lovely – as well as your first Ginger, you look great in these skirts! I also really like your shirt – is it one of your makes as well?

  11. Well look at it this way, at least the zip broke when you were hemming it and not when you were wearing your skirt walking down the street!! Your skirt is gorgeous, and the new zip looks great to me. 🙂

  12. *sigh* I TOTALLY have the same problem with zippers! I almost lost my glue trying to fit my finished Pastille on for the first time and the zipper ended up being jammed in the middle trying to unzip, so I couldn’t get it off LOL – luckily i am Houdini at wiggling out of garments and the zip was eventually fixed but not without a few colourful words hehehe

    Love the skirt – great colour and the fit is really good!! 🙂

    OH MY GOODNESS, Lily is my favourite too!! I about peed myself (TMI?) when i saw it… it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for – and i pretty much described it the exact same way you did…. only I said retro-adorable LOL – I ordered it right away because I don’t think I was gonna stop floating off my chair until I did!! ^___^

  13. I know what you mean about the invisible zippers – I’m just the same. Either I put them in so tight to the zip that I can’t actually open / close it, or its not close enough and kind of defeats the purpose of using an invisible zip! It happened with my Ginger skirt too, when I was attaching the lining to the zipper.

    Love the colour of the skirt though – it looks great!

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  15. Hi, I’ve just found this and you on Pinterest and this skirt is gorgeous!! Could you tell me if you can buy the pattern and where it’s from?? I’m very new to starting up sewing again too….started with accessories for the home and gifts, that sort of thing. Have just got some clothes projects under way but yet to make them onto my person…but watch this space!! Gathered up the courage to blog as it’s been an inspirational source for my love of sewing. Don’t you worry about that zipper, I think it looks fab and I’ve yet to try the invisible zipper….I’m still looking at pull over the head tops and dresses if I can find them!! I love the vintage/retro look if your clothing styles and materials….shall look forward to watching what you come up with next! Kate x

    • Hi Kate – thanks for commenting! You can find the Ginger skirt pattern at Colette patterns. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find their website. 🙂

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