Warning: This post contains fabulous vintage fabric

The Shop, Brick Lane

Shelves bursting with fabric

Hello pop-pickers. Have you all recovered from the style-fest that was the weekend? Not only did we see a multitude of amazing OWOPers on Tilly’s post; we also had the most glamorous round-up of Mad Men dresses ever from Julia Bobbin. My, these posts just keep on giving – every time I go back I see something else I want to sew or another blogger I want to add to my reader. Thanks to both Tilly and Julia for a dazzling end to March.

In other news, I went for a wander around Brick Lane on Sunday with some friends who were staying with us. If you haven’t been over there in  a while and you like vintage clothes, great music and fabulous food, I can heartily recommend it.

We dandered down the main drag, pottering off into little streets to explore tiny boutiques and hidden markets. There’s tons of stuff to do, see and buy. One shop I recommend seeking out is just off Brick Lane at 3 Cheshire Street. Called simply The Shop, it stocks an amazing range of vintage fabrics, clothes and trinkets, plus lots of gorgeous Scandi-style linens for making up adorable aprons. I’m looking at YOU House of Pinheiro with your fantastic vintage apron tutorial! Plus The Shop has one of the biggest range of silk scarves I’ve seen in London. That’s a pic above of some of the shelves – good for a rummage.

Here are my finds:

Floral cotton poplin

1 metre of seventies-style floral cotton poplin, to be used for cushions in the living room. I’m thinking hot pink neon piping. Just £3.50.

Peach square

2.5 metres of this man-made fabric (not quite identified) from Rose & Hubble – to be used for a dress I think. Crucially – it doesn’t feel nasty. A snip at £9 for the lot.

Silk dupioni

My favourite – just under 2 metres of this gorgeous silk dupioni. I’ve been looking for a checked silk dupioni for ages (I was thwarted trying to buy some of this from Harts – they informed me it had sold out over three weeks ago but rather annoyingly seems to still be on the site hmph) and whilst this is a different colour scheme from what I wanted I think it could be a very pretty dress or a luxe tulip skirt? A bargain at £7.50.

I love finding vintage fabric – any tips for other shops/markets in London? Share ’em!


25 thoughts on “Warning: This post contains fabulous vintage fabric

  1. Oooooohhhhhhh I LOVE that silk dupioni! Lucky girl, it is gorgeous & a great price to boot!

    I love buying old/vintage fabric, although I’m afraid mine is sourced from the thrift store & flea market. Great stuff, fun prints, but never silk dupioni hehe 🙂

    • It’s brill isn’t it? 🙂 I get very jealous of you state-siders with your ‘yard sales’ and ‘estate sales’ – what are they? They sound amazing!

  2. Wow, you found some great stuff!
    I really love finding (preferably in person, rather than thru Etsy/eBay) and using vintage fabric, but sometimes it can be hard to come by. My best luck has been mostly at yard sales, and a couple of antique and thrift shops.

    • I love vintage fabric – even the stuff that does sometimes feel a bit synthetic – as the prints so often make up for it. So tell me Sue – is a yard sale where someone just stocks all their unwanted bits and bobs in their garden and people stop by? How do you find out about these things? I don’t think we have that here in the UK really, unless it’s similar to a ‘car boot sale’…

  3. I agree with Symon, the geometricy print would be deadly as an aline/shift mini.

    On a side note dander is such a Nordie phrase, only other person I’ve ever heard use it is a guy I work with from Belfast!

  4. Looking forward to seeing those cushions – especially the neon piping! Cushions are always a favourite make of mine; so many ridiculous possibilities for such a basic item…

    Loving your blog’s new look too! xxx

    • Ah thank you! Yes it was time for a refresh – I wanted something more minimalist with a white background so I’ve used the twenty eleven theme from wordpress. Thank you for noticing! 🙂 Yes I love whipping up new cushions and I only use vintage fabric for them – my cats have ripped the bejaysus out of the other ones so it’s time for a refresh…

  5. Oooh, I’ve seen this shop on someone else’s blog once and thought it looked amazing! I need to go there one day, what great finds you came away with!!!

  6. That silk dupioni is lush! (Do people still say that?) Now I want to run round to Cheshire St and check it out, it’s the tropical birds silk all over again.
    You my friend are a fabric enabler. And I thank you for it.

    • Haha I love both ‘lush’ and ‘fabric enabler’ – fantastic! BTW I may have to break into your home while you’re in Cheshire Street and steal your mustard blouse – it’s so up my strasse it hurts

  7. You are so fortunate.
    Wish I could get vintage bargains…all the charity shops near me are dismal places full of junk smelling like ammonia and lavender. *shudder*
    So its just vintage looking fabrics I tend to buy.

    That checked fabric reminds me of my childhood 80’s/early90’s.

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  9. Hi Joanne, so glad you have signed up to MMMay’12!!! I just added you to my blog roll, BTW, I’m basically in love with all your creations. I know that vintage fabric shop you speak of only too well! Can’t wait to see what you make next
    All the best
    Zoe xxx

    • Hehhe I have indeed signed up Zoe – wouldn’t miss it! Thank you so much for organising – I loved Self Stitched September so can’t wait 🙂

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