Blogger shout-out

I’ve been remiss. I received a couple of lovely awards from bloggers a couple of weeks ago, and in all the excitement of Mad Men and OWOP I quite forgot to say thank you. So without further ado:

The wonderful Sue from Sewin’ Steady nominated me for this award. Have you checked out her website yet? If not you are a lunatic. Her Joan dress is to die for, seriously. I really love her style – her Violet blouse, her Peony… all divine.  Thank you so much Sue – ’tis an honour. As discussed with lovely Sue by email – I have NOTHING more to give in terms of random facts about myself so we’ve agreed to leave it there and just feel the love!

Second up is one of my favourite and funniest commenters on this site – Symon Sez who nominated me for a Liebster award.

Liebster blog

Symondezyn is a slow-food fanatic and a fearless stitcher – check out her blue chiffon blouse for proof! She’s also a brilliant contributor to so many blogs – I always look forward to her funny comments and her crazy ^___^ thingies she does. 🙂

In honour of both these lovely awards I’m going to give a shout-out to some of my favourite new blogs that I’ve chanced upon. No pressure on doing the same dear bloggers – it’s just a ‘well, hello there’ from me… to you.

True Bias – check out her gorgeous Negroni ‘n’ neck scarfs

Four Square Walls – because I want her wardrobe, naturally

Lucky Lucille – she has the best print dresses in town plus a lovely little accessories shop

I. KNOW – atmospheric photography, enviable lifestyle, beautiful designs

As always there are squillions more and too many to mention. At the last count I follow 167 blogs in Google reader. I’m curious – is that a lot, or slim picking in comparison to you guys? How many blogs do you follow?

12 thoughts on “Blogger shout-out

  1. I have follow way too many blogs, between Google Reader and Friends I have over 270 and I’ve just added a few more from your list!!!!! I really need a purge…..

  2. Oh lordy, I totally have you beat: 304 total subscriptions in Google Reader! Probably ~250 of them are sewing-related. Should I have admitted that? Hey, I don’t have any real-life sewing friends so I guess this is how I make up for it! I do a LOT of grazing/skimming, and of course not all of them are active, but I do have my personal fave bloggers whose posts I read word-for-word every time. You being one of them! Thanks so much for passing me the Liebster Award. Can we share wardrobes, across the sea?

    • Haha Andrea you win! Hands down! Blimey I need to find me some more blogs to love. And YES what a wonderful if totally unpractical idea to share! 🙂

  3. Aww thanks so much for the kind words – you’re one of my favourites too! 😀 I am following probably around 50 blogs currently but it’s growing – especially when you and the other lovely ladies I follow are constantly introducing me to new ones! 🙂

  4. I was actually wondering that too! I have over 100 sewing blogs and a few more professional ones. It’s getting hard to keep up but so many talented ladies out there

  5. I follow 189 blogs in Reader and a few more by email, but I recently pared down savagely because I was feeling overwhelmed and was just no longer feeling some of the blogs. With your links there, my number may be heading right back up.

  6. I currently follow 248 blogs, most of which are sewing related. Too many but there’s so many great blogs around that it’s hard to choose which to cut!

  7. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of blogs and I would be lost without Bloglovin. I ensure I cull it every now and then to keep it under 50. Think that is enough for me.

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