OWOP a night!

And there we have it – seven days of Violet blouses, all over in the blink of an eye. But by golly we gave it a good send-off. I met up with Karen, Tilly, Rachel, Mela, Laura, Tamsin, Alana and another lovely lady named Clare (Claire?) last night at a cocktail bar in Kings Cross. It was two-for-one and we made the most of it. Mela brought chocolate macaroons – can you believe I’d never had a macaroon before? And I discovered we live not far from one another so I’ll be popping round for seconds if she’s not careful.

In my excitement at meeting so many lovely sewing bloggers I entirely forgot to take any pics of myself at the cocktails. But Tilly and Karen have already done some lovely round-up posts where you can see me – wearing the TLS Violet and grey skinny trousers. But here are some lovely pics of the rest of them.

Disclaimer: despite the red lighting and despite we were in bordello territory of Kings Cross, we were not up to anything dodgy… promise.


Karen in her beautiful Sorbetto

Tamsin and Mela

Tamsin and Mela - you can't see the macaroons... because we ate them all

Rachel raises a glass!

Rachel raises a glass!

Tilly, Karen, Laura and Alana

Tilly, Karen, Laura and Alana - not working girls, honestly!

I managed to down three cocktails in about an hour and a half (well I am Irish) and had to scamper to another pub to see some chums from Wales who are staying with us this n – we’re all off to see Pulp tonight! Ooh I did get a pic – of the top half of me anyway.

Me and him

Today we mooched around the British Museum which I have NEVER been to in all my 12 years in London. If you live here or plan to visit – do give it a whirl – it’s stunning! Check out the ceiling.

British Museum

I have loved doing OWOP but I can tell you I was so relieved to slip into a stripey t-shirt instead today! Thanks to Tilly for coming up with the whole thing and I can’t wait to see all the round-up posts. Have a great weekend everyone xxx


12 thoughts on “OWOP a night!

  1. Man it looks like you lovely ladies had a blast!!! Great final outfit Joanne, I’ve really enjoyed your OWOP posts! I’m now seriously considering adding the Violet to my ever-growing stash ;o)

  2. It’s Claire! and it was lovely to meet you and your blouse is gorgeous, i especially liked the little tucks running down the front.

  3. Hi Joanne, great to meet you on Friday!
    The British Museum is fab. Husband and I are members, but don’t go often enough. (We sponsored three of the windows in that glass roof when they were building that atrium area)

    • Wow that’s cool Tamsin! I reckon it was worth it – the ceiling is awe-inspiring. Do you know which ones are yours or have you picked out three and said – they’re mine!

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