OWOP! Day 5…

OK it’s getting a little harder now. Far be it from me to complain about the weather – I can’t, it’s just too gorgeous, but it sort of scuppers some of my Violet styling plans, like wearing one under a woollen pinafore. It’s just too hot for woollen pinafores man!

But it’s not too hot for tights. I’m not getting my bare legs out in March – are you serious? There’s about two weeks of tanning and exfoliating to be done before the blue lifts off.

Owop! Day 5

It’s a first outing for the Tuck ‘n’ Silk ‘n’ Lace Violet, teamed up with my Ginger Bodgers skirt, grey tights and some nice little shoes from Office. What are your thoughts on tights and open toed shoes? I think it very much depends on the shoe – if there’s not too much toe, you’re good to go.

Apologies for the slight seam alignment issue there – ideally the blouse opening should be lined up with the front seam of the skirt but I was in a rush!

This pic was taken in the morning (I’m now writing this in the evening) and I am happy to report that all the loops stayed fastened on the Violet and it didn’t crease much at all during the day – except for where it’s tucked into the skirt.

I reckon this is my favourite outfit so far for OWOP! What about you? Have you found a new killer look from this week’s experimenting? I’ve seen some great outfits around the web so far, including Elisalex’s swing top/pencil skirt combo and Mela’s Ginger remix. There are a lot of quiet bloggers out there as well who I KNOW are doing OWOP so I’m looking forward to a bunch of great round-up posts  come the weekend!

17 thoughts on “OWOP! Day 5…

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Now this…this is a great outfit. The colors in the Violet really compliment the grey skirt and tights.

    And I’m with you! I am super pumped about seeing a roundup of all the OWOP participants. That and a roundup of the Mad Men one, of course.

  2. Yes, I wonder how many of us would have chosen a different pattern for OWOP had we known we were going to have a mini summer.

    My OWOP is the basic skirt in various above the knee lengths. The plan completely relied on coldish, March weather, tights and various pairs of boots. After a rather sticky Monday, Tuesday got me going through the drawers desperately until I dug out a never-worn charity shop top which looked great with a similar coloured OWOP skirt.

    I don’t have any shoes that I can wear with tights so it’s straight to sandals but for a couple of days there’s been so much skin on show, I’m scared that people will assume I’m having some kind of mid-life crisis!!

  3. Very cute. wrt the tights and shoes things, it depends on the shoes but also on the tights, if you can see the toe seam then it is a no no regardless of how little is showing.

    I do have to say im loving the weather. Working from home this week has meant that me and my sis are taking lunch in the garden and it is sooo nice 😀

  4. Oooh, I think this might be my favourite of your OWOP outfits too…though I still think the flared trousers one was super cool too! I’m one of these quiet OWOP-ers …got carried away with my Mad Men posting and left no time for daily OWOP posts :o( Nevermind, a round-up will hopefully suffice!

  5. derp… i thought i already commented on this one cause i honestly remember going all goo goo over your silk and your tucks LOL… whatever, i’m losing my marbles… suffice it to say, i love the Violet 🙂

  6. That outfit looks great! The colours really fit well together, although a bit grey for the weather 🙂

    I’m not a tights/open toes kind of person but in your picture they look pretty good.

  7. It’s been fun following your OWOP updates. I wish I’d had the foresight to put together a post a day. Instead, I started saving all of my photos for a week summary at the end. So far, so good though! Cute skirt, by the way!

  8. Yes, it’s my favorite too, although all your Violets are wonderful. But, I love the way you did the buttons on this one — what a great detail.

  9. I love all your Violets but this outfit is so pretty! I love the button detail on this one — what a lovely idea.

  10. Looking back on everyone’s round-ups I’m slightly sad it’s all over…! Will you be doing me-made-may? I think I’m going to start getting ready now!!


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