OWOP! Day 4…

Another bright and glorious day in the capital. At lunchtime I took my crochet bag down to St James Square off Piccadilly and knitted me some granny squares filled with sunshine. I’m now closing in on 50 squares – about 150-200 left to go…

OWOP! Day 4...

Today I am back in the sequel Violet and more skinny trews – navy this time. I’m teaming them with these fabulous red flats I bought yesterday for £15. Bargain.

As an aside, something rather exciting happened right by our office today. I work in Heddon Street (right off Regent Street) which is where David Bowie shot the front cover of Ziggy Stardust, 40 years ago. Check it here:

Today a plaque was being put up to celebrate and commemorate the event. There was LOADS of security around so I convinced myself that David Bowie could conceivably be unveiling the plaque itself, just metres from where I worked. I sped down there with my camera like a veritable spider from Mars.

No such luck. First of all, I arrived long after any hoohaa had died down leaving just a few straggly tourists, and secondly I found out later on that it was Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet who actually did the unveiling. Now, excuse me?  Gary Kemp? Now Gary, I’m not having a go at you love, you played a splendid part in the ‘Ballet and all and you did a nice turn as one of the Kray brothers alongside good ol’ Martin and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, but you ain’t no Dayyyyviiiiid Boooowwwwiiiie, alright? That is all.

Oh and here’s the plaque!

And a final aside before I go – have you ever seen this many London buses in a row ever? I counted 11 and they’re all in use!


13 thoughts on “OWOP! Day 4…

  1. Great post! I heard the Kemp on the radio this morning talking about Bowie. What a shame it wasn’t the man himself, though you may have passed out in a dead faint (or been arrested for excited dancing!). NB Great minds think alike – I was wearing red ballet flats today, too!

    • I saw I saw! Kinda freaky as also I noticed we both had our pics taken yesterday in our living room by our fireplaces. Weird! Best light in my house in the morning though!

      • Not bad at all! I can see one of the Parliament towers (not Big Ben!) and the Shard right behind it from my desk at work, but it doesn’t really compare 🙂

        I know what you’re saying about pay day too. But hey you can do lots of window shopping!

  2. Apparently the drummer was there. I caught it on the news and he was talking about how he had been made to wear a pink suit for TOTP. It’s also much, much tidier these days. I am desperately seeking a pair of red ballet pumps – can I ask you where you got yours and for such a wonderful price. Really enjoying the blog and I love the Violet and I’m getting the courage to try and make it myself, although I understand the book has gone out of print as it has done so well.

  3. I have such a soft spot in my heart for David Bowie, and for London… so this post really made me smile!! 😀

    Another lovely Violet – you look smashing, as usual 🙂

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