OWOP! Day 3…

Me again – are you sick of me yet?

It’s back to porridge today. I’m feeling much better now so it’s back to work in the sunshine (boo!) and close proximity to John Lewis (yay!).

OWOP! Day 3

Today I have teamed my first Violet with a recent make – the Colette Ginger. More on that in an upcoming post. Blimey, I appear to be posting twice a day at the moment.

There are a lot of soft colours (jade, moss green, um… violet!) in this blouse which go nicely with grey. And I’m in heels again. These are (shush) Hush Puppies from (double shush) Clarks. I promise you they’re not for old women. They’re just a bit more supportive and comfortable than regular heels. Ahem.

So that’s OWOP! day 3 down. Four more to go… how are you getting on? Are you finding the pressure is on to create a new look every day? I’m rather enjoying it so far – it’s made me dress better for a start! I haven’t worn jeans in three days!


14 thoughts on “OWOP! Day 3…

  1. Looking great still – and no knocking of Hush Puppies – they are my most covetable shoes -not the exact same as yours but yes comfy with a heel. I even walked 2.5 miles downhill to work in them today.
    And loving the ginger too 🙂

  2. Ooh, lovely outfit! Love the shoes too, I’ve got no shame when it comes to Clarks shoes, I’ll shout my love of them from the rooftops! X

  3. Ah, Trop joli ! Everything. The Violet shirts, the dress from the previous post. Everything. Too many things to comment on. It smells like spring. Now I’m thinking of making a new Violet shirt with loops and tucks…

  4. I freaking LOVE those shoes… if you get tired of them, send ’em my way LOL

    Lovely outfit… I hadn’t realized how itty you are! Hiding behind those big ol’ jackets and stuff! LOL ^__^

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