The best laid plans…

…can easily be derailed by the arrival of some new treasures. I had previously scheduled all my sewing projects into a nice well-ordered list. But these little beauties are just crying out for some attention and threaten to disrupt ‘the list’. Oh well, never mind. But look at the shiny new things!

Striped seersucker

I went for an innocent browse in The Cloth House in Berwick Street last week and ended up coming home with two metres of this charming striped seersucker. Isn’t it just so Missoni? I love the colours – they’re unusual together and the texture of the fabric is so tactile. I keep stroking and scrunching it. I’m so enamoured with the vintage pattern I used for the Mad Men dress challenge (Simplicity 5961) I’m considering making another version using the seersucker almost straight away. Speaking of the Mad Men dress – here’s a better quality sneaky peek than the one I put up last week. You can tell I’m dying to reveal it can’t you?

Mad Men dress

I also received a couple of delightful vintage patterns in the post last week:

Simplicity 6535

This is such a sweet little A-line dress, especially with view 2’s neckline. I’m thinking of using this wonderful Japanese cotton that was donated to me by a lovely lady named Cassy. Possibly with a cream/ivory contrast neckline.

Japanese cotton

I’ve been searching for a pattern to recreate this blouse. It’s a vintage blouse from either China or Japan and it’s got the most beautiful ruffled neck which is one of my favourite looks.  Sadly the arms are a bit tight and the fabric is becoming a bit bobbly in certain places so it’s time to try and recreate the magic! A good look at the design reveals it’s actually just a simple low collared shirt with ruffles attached.

Vintage blouse

and here’s the pattern to (hopefully) do it:

Vintage Vogue pattern

What about you? Do you find your plans are constantly being reprioritised depending on what pretty new thing has caught your eye?

20 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Yes, yes, and more yes…. I totally hear you! I have Project ADD something FIERCE!! I will think I have a plan and then something comes along to entice my pretty-things-loving eyes, and suddenly my plans have either all shot out the window, or more likely – the list gets superhumanly long LOL.

    Love the dress, btw… it’s looking very very good! 😀

  2. Your Mad Man dress looks lovely – looking forward to the big reveal!

    I’ve been super strict with my sewing plans so far this year as I planned ahead for 3 months, am starting to plan what I want to make next but try and build some flexibility into my plans too.

  3. Oh my god Yes!!! I’m so easily distracted especially while reading sewing blogs and pinterest! I really *try* but I’m coming to the realization that I need to be flexible. And here I am berating my oldest son to “focus and do your homework”!! I wonder where he gets it from?!!
    BTW, I just stumbled upon your blog while checking out everyones Minoru jacket, and love it…I mean your jacket *and* your blog!

  4. I’ve been to the cloth house before the only thing stopping me going on a buying friendly was lack of funds. lol!
    I have projects but the priority changes depending on fabric available, weather, and upcoming event or reading an inspirational blog post.
    Seeing all the comments about ‘great gastby’ fashions coming in this summer…well that’s got me planning 20’s projects…despite knowing they won’t flatter me.

    • Yes it’s rather prohibitively priced isn’t it Lady D?! I usually avoid it for fear of temptation. The seersucker was 14 a metre so I thought since I have a guaranteed pattern to suit it and I know I can get it out of two metres I’d take the 28 hit.

      • I almost fainted at some of the prices. I think if I had a pattern I was confident with used 2metres or less and I wanted something specific I would consider buying but as it is…its just window shopping.
        I don’t think I could warrant making up something in fabric more than £10 a metre….as I could buy it ready made from a shop for that price.
        Although I did once accidentally buy some expensive material (not knowing the value of fabric)….and its so nice to sew…I am still using up bits of it in various projects.

      • I agree that occasionally a good quality (more expensive) material is a pleasure to work with. I’ve just finished the Mad Men dress in pure wool crepe which was hideously expensive – tipping the 30 a metre mark. But oh my, the drape and quality of the material feels like it’s worth every single penny. And I feel it’s built to last too, which is more than I can say for most of those items I’ve made in 2.99 a metre fabric!

  5. Your Joanie dress is looking beeeautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

    As for sewing plans…I get really obsessed about finishing (or is conquering a better suited word?) a garment when I start it. So I don’t get distracted but I do get anxious to move on to something else. I keep a list of sewing projects but always jump around and never stick to the order that I’d like to complete them in.

  6. Oh its just so easy to get sidetracked! Especially by pretty new things. You should just go for it!! I love that vintage ruffled blouse – its so 60’s does Victorian in the best possible way!

  7. All the talk of buying fabric..I …erm…dashed out at lunch and bought some fabric. Some pink gingham (reminds me of school uniform), cath kidson-esque blue floral and plain navy blue. Plans are afoot….

  8. Hello love,

    I hold my hands up to being thrown at every corner by a new whim. I can’t take full blame though because when events like seeing Purple Rain late night at the cinema and then going to a Prince appreciation night require an outfit of strength. John Lennon is my touchstone for this, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans” 🙂 By the way I’m on tender hooks about your Joanie dress it looks like it’s going to be all kinds of fabulous!


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