What a to do list! Sewing projects to see me through… well quite a long time actually…

First off, thank you so much for all the lovely comments on the March Minoru. It’s really encouraged me to stretch myself a bit more and try more complicated patterns! I’ve worn it out and about already and the high collar has protected me from all these nasty gusts of cold wind and rain in London. Plus I can pretend I’m Wilfred from the Bash Street Kids:


And with that in mind (well maybe not the Wilfred bit – delete that), onto my next couple of sewing projects:

1. One pattern, one week

The inimitable Tilly has come up with a great challenge for stitchers everywhere with OWOP. The idea is to work a week’s worth of styling around your favourite pattern, whether that means making multiple versions or just trying to style one garment in a different way each day. I’ve chosen the Colette Violet for my week; I already have two versions here and here and I plan to make a third in time for the challenge. In the spirit of ‘trying new things’ I’m going to follow these excellent Colette tutorials on adding a lace collar, tucks and button loops – all to the same blouse!

Here’s the fabric and lace I’m using – do you think they work together? I think they do but in a really sweet old fashioned way.

Lace for violet

If you’d like to sign up to the challenge there’s still plenty of time. Head over to Tilly’s site for more details.

2. Mad Men Sewing Challenge

The super-gorgeous Julia Bobbin has unleashed a deadly combination of sewing and Mad Men obsession on us all: make your favourite Mad Men dress… by the end of March. Pinterest has been buzzing with inspirational pictures and (almost) audible gasps of delight since then. I’ve now got my vintage pattern, fabric and notions. I just have to do a quick muslin to check fit and we’re off. Here are the bits:

Mad Men

3. Nette’s Autumn Love dress pattern

I downloaded this free dress from Nette waaaay back last year and have been meaning to get stuck in for ages. Check out her version here – it’s adorable. I may have to grade up the pattern though (as she’s a little ickle) so it’s on with a muslin (post Mad Men of course!) and then I’ll be using the leftover grey corduroy from the March Minoru.

4. Ginger skirt, shortened

I love all the Gingers I’ve seen out there so far but I fancy shortening my version so it’s just above the knee. If I have enough of this gorgeous teal corduroy left then we’re on!


5. Sewaholic’s Renfrew

On a day trip to Brighton recently I bought this fabulous black and white stripey knit from Fabric Land. It’ll be perfect for Renfrew and I’ll be committing to memory Lauren’s Conquering Knits guide beforehand.


6. Finally! Finally! I get to work on the Hazel which I bought last year. I already have all the fabric ready to go. This will be a perfect spring dress – love the colour combination of grey and pink.

7. More granny squares!

I’ve got about 30 or so made up so far but I reckon I need about 200 to make a substantial blanket. This is gonna take a while…

8. Ooof and I almost forgot the Negroni for my homie

Yes my first venture into sewing for men (and sewing for someone other than myself for that matter) will take place later this year. We have the pattern, we just need material. Maybe a nice plaid for the wearable muslin and then whatever he wants for the main event. I think he’s torn between fifties prints and space robots at the moment…

There are more on the list: the Colette Truffle from the Sewing Handbook, a new Peony with lining… but this is quite enough to get my juices flowing thank you very much. So that’s pretty much spring sorted for me. How about you?

24 thoughts on “What a to do list! Sewing projects to see me through… well quite a long time actually…

  1. I want to make the Hazel so badly! I’m tied up with other projects so it will have to wait 😦 I LOVE your fabric choices though! Hopefully I will be making the Renfrew soon… Too many projects and not enough time!

  2. Could you possibly tell me where you got your Renfrew pattern from please? The only place I found in the UK was really expensive and from the US the postage is terrible on the Sewaholic patterns! Thanks!

  3. Crickey, what a cracking list! It’ll keep you busy for a while that’s for sure, but you’re going to have some delicious-looking clothes at the end of it! Can’t wait to see it all ;o) I should try to pin myself down with a similar list…at the moment my thoughts and plans are all over the place and nothing’s getting finished…eeek!

  4. Good golly you’re making me all project happy inside!! lol I love your plans; really looking forward to your Mad Men dress and well, ok everything else too!! Also looking forward to your Autumn Love; I downloaded that too but I’m still too green to attempt corduroy and we both know it HAS to be corduroy 🙂

    I love planning projects! I have a spring sewing list, some leftover winter items, Sew Colette, three Craftsy classes, and then there’s summer… oh boy lol – My sewing list is long indeed, and if I don’t pick up the pace I’ll be sewing my 2012 plans well into my senility lol 🙂

  5. My sewing challenge is to sew entire garments without resulting to using the machine. (II say this as someone who prefers to sew by hand and will do anything to avoid the machine but sometimes just so I’m not sewing a circle skirt hem for a whole year I have to resort to the machine). I’ve discovered new stitches through it.
    And may I *recommend* if you’ve never tried it to sew in a zipper by hand…you can make the stitches almost invisible.

  6. Oh Joanne, the fabric and lace for your Violet blouse are so perfect I’m almost weeping. I LOVE sweet and old fashioned when it looks like that!
    I’m doing the same challenges as you this Spring (OWOP and Mad Men), and am two thirds of the way through my Mad Men dress. It’s so fitted though, I just hope it doesn’t burst apart when I wear it!
    I like your sewing list, I’ve also got a truffle dress, another Violet and a polka dot dress on the horizon. One other thing I’m determined to do this Spring is perfect garments that didn’t quite make it the first time round. I’ve already made my Violet more fitted after seeing yours and Lauren’s versions and added sleeves to a sleeveless Pendrell that made me look 100 years old – thrilling blog post on this coming soon! x

    • Yay cheers Jane! Oh god you’re two thirds of the way through your Mad Men dress??? I still have to get my fabric dry-cleaned! STRESS! Love that we’re on a similar sewing roll. I’ll look forward to seeing your Pendrell – I’ve shied away from that top because I don’t like floaty sleeves so if you’ve got a sleeve solution that’d be ace

  7. Exciting plans ahead – so many lovely things. I particularly love the lace with the silk and all the extra details you plan…it will make a really special blouse.

    Speaking of lace and silk – thanks so much for the fab links re wedding dresses…I know how I’ll be spending the rest of today (…working….obviously…….)!

    • No probs Suzie! I guarantee you’ll be ‘working’ for the rest of the weekend and beyond once you get into these sites, they’re adorable

  8. Take heart! I just finished my first Negroni (have yet to blog it, bad tiger!) and it was so, so much easier than I feared. And just in case you have a goofy homie like mine, I thought I’d mention that the fabric he chose for the “real” shirt (this first was a wearable muslin) is a chocolate-chip cookie patterned quilting cotton. 🙂

  9. O you! Guess what? We are in parallel universes again. Apart from your mad men dress I think I’ve got a similar spectrum of patterns (but different fabric). AND i am also considering Violet as my OPOW – or Renfrew as I have quite a few wearable muslins already ….It is uncanny though! ANd sorry no comment on your stunning Minoru – at the time I was on my phone & it struggled. I did swoon though …

    • What’s going on Winnie! I love the fact that we’re doing similar things though – I shall be pummelling your brain for tips and tricks later!

    • im really lucky, ive got a huge! faibrc shop just round the road from my work. they dont list anything on their website so you have to go into the shop to have a look. its great. they have a few catalogues with the patterns in them (ive not bought any from them yet). i always try and go into town a bit earlier so i can have a wonder around stroking all the purty faibrc. i dont think my purse likes it very much though.samantha x

  10. Your ordered list has inspired my own ‘list’. Thank you (I name checked your blog). 🙂
    Its made me see…I need more fabric and another zipper (I get distracted by the pretty fabric and tend to forget about the notions) to be able to complete the projects I want to…and it adds up to a project a month.

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