Minoru in progress

As I declared on Friday, over the weekend I THREW myself into catching up on the Minoru sewalong with Tasia. After two hours on Sat and about five on Sun, I’m almost up to date. Tonight I’ll be finishing off the lining and putting it into the coat. My new sewing room is a joy to work in! Here’s a few pics from the work in progress.

I knew I would like the combo of grey corduroy and electric blue polkadot lining but I didn’t know I would FALL IN LOVE with it.

Here’s another pop of colour in da hood. Yes that’s right – da hood. Don’t judge me.

I used Amy’s excellent tutorial to install side pockets using leftover lining material.

By the way, have you seen Karen’s Minoru? It’s adorable. I love the front pockets she’s added.

Anyone else doing the sewalong? Have you experienced any tricky bits? I’m not sure my ‘concealed’ zipper in the hood has come out too well but I’m thinking I’ll have it out most of the time anyway. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Minoru in progress

  1. Oh my god it’s gorgeous! I’ve fallen in love with the grey cord/blue polka dot combo too. Where did you get the polka dot lining from? Want some, want some. Can you make me one please? x

  2. Hooray for almost catching up in the Sew-Along. It looks great! Will you try to keep pace now or just finish it up? I’ve been baby stepping with the Sew-Along, but I just may have to finish it up this week. I’m dying to be able to wear mine!

  3. Oh, it’s gorgeous! I love your lining…

    I’ve just stitched my lining to the cuffs and hand overcast the raw bit of seam allowance that will be in the hood pocket (Karen mentions it in her post too…), stitching in the ditch along the collar is next…

  4. Nice work!
    I started the sewalong but just wanted to finish it more quickly! It’s such a great pattern. I added a few extras on to mine and love how it turned out πŸ™‚

  5. Looking good, my friend! That lining is so cool. Just think of all the smiles you’re going to create walking around when people spot (pun intended!) your hood lining. My hood zipper is totally not concealed! I don’t think I’ll ever tuck it away, anyway – it’s too nice a hood not to share. Good luck on the home straight.

  6. This looks so cute! I love the color combo! I have serious Minoru envy– I’m buried under UFO’s, or you better believe I’d be sewing along with you guys (and by “sewing along” I mean falling desperately behind!). πŸ™‚

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